Giving Opportunities

Any individual, corporation, foundation or organization may make a gift payable to the Midland Memorial Foundation. Gifts or bequests obtain the maximum tax benefits for the donor. All gifts remain at the Foundation and are used for the sole benefit of Midland Memorial Hospital.

If you would like to become a member of the Midland Memorial Hospital family of supporters, you may choose which way of giving is best for you. Gift giving or gift planning will perpetuate the medical excellence at our community hospital. If you need more information, please contact Midland Memorial Foundation's Executive Director, Nancy Woodman by phone at (432) 221-1572 or email

Give Online (Credit Card)
Please click here to give online, or call (432) 221-1569 to make your gift.

Cash Gifts
Please complete a gift form and mail it with your check or money order to:
Midland Memorial Foundation
400 Rosalind Redfern Grover Parkway
Midland, Texas 79701

Gifts can be made over multiple years to allow a donor to budget a more significant contribution. To make a multi-year pledge to Midland Memorial Foundation, please complete a gift form, designate as a pledge and mail the gift form to the foundation.

Gifts of Appreciated Stock, Real Estate or Interests in Natural Resources
One of the most efficient methods of giving is by transferring appreciated assets to Midland Memorial Foundation. If you own real estate that has appreciated in value through the years, and to sell would result in a sizable capital gains tax, you can make an outright gift by deed to the foundation. If you are interested in making a gift of appreciated assets or real estate, please contact Nancy Woodman, Executive Director of Midland Memorial Foundation at (432) 221-1572.


Memorials and Honorariums
A memorial gift honors a loved one's life and serves to reflect upon the memories that live forever. An honorary gift made for an individual is a meaningful way to recognize someone who's had a special impact on your life. At the same time, your gift helps carry on the work of Midland Memorial Foundation, which improves healthcare for the people in the communities Midland Memorial Hospital serves.

For example, paying tribute to a member of the hospital's staff is a wonderful gesture that compliments individuals for acts of kindness or celebrates special events in their lives. The recipient will receive a celebration card from the foundation which includes the donor's name and the reason for the gift, but not the gift amount. Donors may opt to personalize the card by inserting their own special message to the employee.

When you send a memorial or honorarium, we will promptly send an appropriate card to the bereaved family or the person you wish to honor, but not the gift amount. All memorials and honorariums are listed in our quarterly Focus on the Future newsletter recognizing the donor and the person you are honoring.

Memorials and honorariums may be made to any program or fund of Midland Memorial Foundation. A donor plaque is added to our Donor Wall for gifts of $5,000 or more, or gifts which accumulate to $5,000, in order to recognize those who have been honored.

Gifts for Specific Programs
You may restrict your gift to a particular Midland Memorial Foundation campaign or program (i.e. the MMF Endowment Fund or MMF Nursing Scholarship, or create your own Named Endowment Fund).

The MMF Endowment Fund is a permanent fund that provides vital support for Midland Memorial Hospital far into the future. In no case will the principal of the Endowment Fund be used. Only a portion of the income earned will be used for the sole purpose of providing patient programs and services, state of the art medical equipment and the latest technology.

The MMF Nursing Education Program offers financial assistance to qualified students with the goal of providing Midland Memorial Hospital with a high quality, compassionate nursing staff. Since 1987, the Midland Memorial Foundation Nursing Scholarship Fund has provided more than $2 million in scholarships to more than 600 nursing students. Gifts to the Nursing Scholarship Fund make a direct impact on the level of patient care in our community hospital.

A Named Endowment Fund enables you to establish a fund bearing your name and directed by you. It is a wonderful way to honor or memorialize a beloved family member or treasured friend. A named endowed fund allows you to be creative as you establish a perpetual means of honoring your family or loved ones while generously supporting Midland Memorial Hospital for generations to come.

General Support
You may make a gift to be directed by the Midland Memorial Foundation's Board of Governors to wherever the need or opportunity is greatest.

Planned Giving/Bequests
The term "planned giving" refers to charitable gifts that require planning before they are made. A substantial number of forward-thinking supporters wish to preserve Midland Memorial Hospital's legacy of healthcare excellence by including a gift to Midland Memorial Foundation in their estate planning. Aside from the tax advantages associated with planned giving strategies, making a deferred gift allows you to support a favorite charity without jeopardizing current or future income. By including Midland Memorial Foundation in your estate planning, you have the opportunity to affiliate yourself indefinitely with the Hospital and ensure that outstanding healthcare will continue to enrich the lives of patients in our community and region for generations to come.

Potential benefits of planned gifts include:
Increase in current income for the donors or others
Reduce the donor's income tax
Avoid capital gains tax
Pass assets to a family at a reduced tax cost
Make significant donations to charity

Gifts That Give Back
Making a significant gift to Midland Memorial Foundation does not automatically mean parting with income from assets. There are a number of methods for making a gift while retaining income. They include charitable gift annuities, remainder trusts, lead trusts and bequests.

Contact Nancy Woodman at (432) 221-1572 or for assistance in finding the most realistic way you can make a difference. Everyone's circumstances vary. We can help find the right gift for you.