Brandi McDonald

Brandi McDonald

Going Above and Beyond in Clinical Operations

With a hand in the key aspects of hospital operations, those working in clinical operations at Midland Health oversee staffing, hospital transfers, discharge call-backs, bed placement, the 68Nurse call-line for the community, and the steps in a patient’s journey through hospital care.

“Our hospital supervisors and frontline resource team of nurses touch every area of the hospital, leading evidence-based staffing practices and safety processes that correlate directly to our optimal patient outcomes,” says Brandi McDonald, MSN, RN, CMSRN, CNML, director of clinical operations at Midland Health.

She says her resource team of nurses receives kudos all the time for going above and beyond to help patients in need. Recently a 68Nurse RN took a call on Midland Health’s call-in care phone line and helped convince a patient to come to the hospital for care that saved their life. In a separate act of caring, a resource nurse leaving the hospital after a shift found a patient unconscious in the parking garage, performed CPR, and saved the patient’s life.

Communication At A Higher Level

To overcome the challenge of keeping her widespread team of nurses together, the leadership team in clinical operations created a private Facebook group that her team members use to share updates, concerns, and recognition from patients, other staff members and each other, McDonald explains. “The leadership team takes pictures of my employees, sends quotes, any kind of communication we need to feel like a cohesive group and this allows us to find our camaraderie.”

Other communication methods McDonald uses to connect and lead her team include
  • a daily leadership huddle to share recognition, talk about organizational updates and give team members a voice to share news from the front line,
  • quarterly unit-based council meetings to address needed practice changes, and
  • individual discussion on professional advancements and work to advance personal goals in line with Midland Health’s Culture of Ownership.

Hands-on Leadership

McDonald expects her team members to be accountable for their actions and truly take ownership in every aspect of their work. In turn, she strives to be a servant leader and give a voice to her team members to share their ideas and help them to advance their own practice, making sure that no matter what decision is made, patient safety is the goal.

Empowered Practice Through Technology, Innovation

A variety of technologies support McDonald’s team in their daily practice, whether they are connecting with colleagues via social media or leveraging integrated aspects of their electronic medical record (EMR) capabilities to streamline patient care. Some specific technologies used to advance clinical operations at Midland Health include
  • ceiling lifts in every patient room to support safe patient handling,   
  • barcoding and medication administration centers linked to the EMR to support efficient workflow, and
  • social media accessed via tablets and smartphones to ensure timely and continuous communication and collaboration.   
The “glue” that truly unites her team is positivity and a shared passion for the art and science of the nursing profession. “Anyone who joins my team must bring this passion, excitement and drive to always advance our practice for our patients,” McDonald says. “We play a critical role on the clinical team and we need to practice and promote ourselves as such.”