Brandon "Kit" Bredimus

Kit Bredimus

Going Above and Beyond in Emergency Services

Emergency care providers must be specialists at generalization because they care for patients ranging from birth to end of life. They must also be able to switch gears at any given moment.

“We have folks arriving in a crisis state and looking to us to take away that fear and anxiety and start digging down to make that immediate impact,” explains Brandon “Kit” Bredimus, MSN, RN, CEN, CPEN, CNML, director of emergency services for Midland Health.

He says the teamwork among his emergency care providers is “second to none,” and a key focus area for continuous improvement to be ready for anything. Bredimus recounts a memorable team experience last year when a patient was brought in from a plane flight in cardiac arrest at the exact same time a second patient in the ER was coding, requiring his team to split up. Both patients recovered. “We had directors, managers, and educators stepping in with just one call for this all-hands-on-deck-situation and it really showed how our team can work together through any crisis.

"One reason for this finely-tuned teamwork is the implementation of a new patient experience training model that has brought Midland Health’s ER patient experience scores up to the 90th percentile. “Our focus with this work is to look at our communication and how it plays into our Culture of Ownership and our individual responsibility to be our best in interactions with our patients and with each other—you can’t have one without the other.”

Communication At A Higher Level

Bredimus and his team target their efforts on communication to continually improve care coordination and patient experience through:
  • electronic patient updates so all staff members can quickly be apprised of changes in a patient’s health or if a new patient arrives,
  • a dedicated Facebook group for the ER to share metrics and kudos, and
  • daily huddles to reinforce Culture of Ownership daily promises, including the Pickle Pledge to reject toxic emotional negativity and Self Empowerment pledges for positive behaviors such as responsibility and resilience.

Hands-on Leadership

Working through a transformational leadership model Bredimus developed coming up from the ranks of a floor nurse, he rounds with his staff daily to understand what is working and what needs improving. “I really want to inspire my crew to improve based on the greater good, to be truly invested in our organizational culture and to share their perspectives—input from the frontline is paramount to our success.”

Within his fast-paced ER setting, Bredimus steps in where he is needed and he expects every member of his team to do the same and “own what happens in the department.”

Empowered Practice Through Technology, Innovation

Technology is a critical piece in keeping Midland Health’s emergency team connected, responding to patient needs, and making improvements. These supporting communication technologies include:
  • a “best-of-breed” electronic medical record (EMR) system that ensures transparent information sharing,
  • integrated touch screen technology that documents patient information, including vitals, and puts this information in the EMR, and
  • computer technology that is easy to transport to accommodate patient care.

Bredimus says attitude is the number one quality he looks for to fill a spot on his team. “We can train for every skill needed to work in the ER, but it begins with a person who is eager to be part of a team. You have to be pulling your weight and be positive and self-motivated to support one another.”