For Nurses

Nurses at three-time ANCC Pathway to Excellence® designated Midland Memorial Hospital have the ability to work in an innovative, supportive, and positive environment where you can practice the art and science of nursing.
Bob Dent
Midland Memorial’s Culture of Ownership supports the autonomy of nurses through an interdisciplinary shared governance model. A pioneer in this work, Midland Memorial became the first hospital in the nation to customize a whole-hospital Care Innovation and Transformation program with the American Organization of Nurse Executives (AONE). Nurses are empowered to shape their work environment within their unit-based councils. Midland Memorial nurses have a very supportive leadership structure with clinical managers who spend most of their time visible on the unit.

Midland Memorial nurses enjoy an array of professional development opportunities in an environment that supports lifelong learning. Nursing students have the ability to work as Nurse Interns reinforcing what is being taught in the classroom. Upon graduation and to assist with the transition to practice, Midland Memorial offers a customized Nurse Residency program to assist the nurse in becoming more competent and comfortable caring for patients. Midland Memorial supports nurses with desires to advance their nursing careers with national certification, higher education, and a wide range of educational opportunities.

Are you a Midland Memorial nurse? Discover for yourself and explore all we offer you in a supportive environment where teamwork, camaraderie, and effective interdisciplinary relationships are standing operating procedure. Contact us to learn more about a rewarding career at Midland Memorial Hospital.

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