Kelly Wright

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Going Above and Beyond in Radiology

Radiology providers are the integral link connecting a patient’s condition to a diagnosis. They provide patients and clinicians with a unique view to a patient’s health and well being, offering patients a tailored blend of comfort and technical expertise.

At Midland Health, radiology goes beyond what you would expect in a traditional imaging department, according to Kelly Wright, RT (R),(M) BAT-OM, director of radiology. She believes in doing things that are cutting edge and make the patient experience a better one, such as taking responsibility for the midline program at Midland Health.

“By having a select group of technologists learn how to perform midlines and creating an IV Help Line for care givers to call in and discuss their patient’s IV lines, we have been able to help reduce the number of unnecessary PICCs (peripherally inserted central catheters) and central lines (central venous catheters) placed into the patient,” Wright explains. “Our ultimate goal is to eventually get all bedside patient care givers trained on midlines. This allows us to offer the patient an IV that is in a more comfortable location, less painful when placed, and offers less sticks during a patient’s stay.”

Communication At A Higher Level

Wright believes in collaborating with her staff in a way that helps them grow and succeed. She does this by:
  • making sure staff members have the tools, knowledge, and skills they need to get their job done, and
  • encouraging staff to take full advantage of the Employee Tuition Assistance Program and the Cori Hyatt Scholarship funds.

“In the end, I am here to serve them,” she says. “If they need a piece of equipment to do their job, I try my very best to make sure they have it.” Wright also strives to build a very collegial work environment where staff members can have open communication, find inspiration, and learn from each other. “I believe in everything you experience there is a purpose. You may not know it yet but you will at some point. This goes for people who cross paths with you. There is a purpose—it is not a random meeting.”

Hands-on Leadership

When it comes to her leadership style, Wright believes in ownership. “I tell my new managers that they should consider their areas of responsibility just like their home—everything that goes in and out of their house is their responsibility. This means they should know where every dollar goes, treat their patients like their guests (you would never just let your guests fend for or entertain themselves while in your house) and show their house the love and care it needs (if there is something broken, get it fixed; If there is trash on the floor, pick it up).”

She also believes is succession planning so her managers know how to do her job. She wants her managers to know how to do her job and her supervisors to know how to do the manager roles. This helps her take time away without worrying about her department and also gives her staff the opportunity to always be growing in their respective roles.

Empowered Practice Through Technology, Innovation

All of the equipment in Midland Heath’s imaging department is digital, truly state-of-art, and almost all modalities are accredited with the American College of Radiology, according to Wright. The department also boasts: 
  • a comprehensive breast team (including patient navigation) with supportive technology,
  • an accredited breast program through the National Quality Measures for Breast Centers, and   
  • a radiology information system and picture archiving system (RIS/PACS).   

These technologies allow the patient’s medical provider to obtain the patient’s images and reports faster than ever—the patient literally can still be in the department while the medical provider is reviewing the images, Wright notes.

She expects her technologists to be experts in their appropriate fields, obtain their registries and always strive to be the best they can be. “Our technologists are not just ‘button pushers’ but truly understand the art of imaging,” Wright stresses. “By having this higher expectation, we are providing amazing care.”