Marcy Madrid

Marcy Madrid

Going Above and Beyond in Planning & Marketing

Making Midland the healthiest community in Texas takes the right mix of communication, dedication, and vision to continually drive improvements in patient care. At Midland Health this work is inspired by a dedicated team of strategic planning, marketing and community outreach specialists who often work behind the scenes.

“Within the walls of our hospital we work to drive awareness of the importance of personal and corporate values for our staff and providers to create optimal patient experiences,” says Marcy Madrid, Vice President of Planning and Marketing for Midland Health. “We also take this work into our community to inspire wellness and prevention with the goal to help everyone in Midland live their best life.”

Whether her community analyst is looking at metrics to support population health management, or her patient experience coordinators are striving to ensure every touch point in a patient’s journey is the best it can be, Madrid’s team is driven by a higher purpose to inspire wellness. This inspiration is supported by a strong Culture of Ownership—an ongoing culture development program that Madrid oversees, which she attributes to unique employee engagement tied directly to patient care successes.

“We see that when employees are truly engaged and take ownership in their work, they are more personally fulfilled, more successful and healthier because taking care of your work spreads to your personal life in aspects such as how you eat and how you spend money—it has a such a profound impact,” Madrid says.

Communication At A Higher Level

Communication through various channels such as social media is a central focus for the work of Madrid’s team to connect with employees, patients and the community. Some communication methods Madrid uses to connect her team include:

  • weekly meetings with individual staff members to discuss projects and professional growth,    
  • bi-weekly team meetings to track progress with large-scale initiatives, and
  • a daily leadership huddle she or members of her team attend to share their work and bring back system-level updates.    

She says her team’s focus on communication extends to promoting a higher level of connection between physicians, staff and patients. This is to ensure critical elements of good patient care, such as care plans and post-discharge instructions are well understood.

Hands-on Leadership

Madrid strives to be an engaged and inspired leader who projects energy that is so strong, it creates a domino effect of purpose and desire for her team to be personally driven, rather than micromanaged. She says great leaders are great because they have some good ideas and can inspire a shared vision among those they lead to take ideas to the next level, make things better, and constantly look for ways to improve. “I really believe each individual brings a unique creativity to their work and my role is to provide the resources and opportunities to help them exercise their creative freedom to make things bigger, better and their own.”

Empowered Practice Through Technology, Innovation

Technology is integral to supporting and communicating optimum patient care at Midland Health. Some of these specific technology tools include:

  • a new electronic health record system that advances daily communications, integrated care and provides more opportunities for community health analytics;   
  • communication vehicles such as social media, text messaging and other interactive web-based programs to match community needs and wants for clear and expedient health care communication; and    
  • tablets and other mobile technologies to support video communication, social media use and other methods to communicate with patients and the community at a level they can easily consume.      
Madrid says innovation and personal inspiration are the true drivers of her team’s success. “I want people here doing what they love to do, so no matter what challenges they may face they will always have that undertow of passion that keeps them pushing forward.”