Michael Hall

Michael Hall

Going Above and Beyond in the Center For Advancing Professional Excellence

Every team member working through Midland Health’s Center For Advancing Professional Excellence (CAPE) enhances the practice of patient care. Education specialists support clinicians transitioning into new roles and maintaining competencies. Safety coordinators create a safe environment for patients and staff. The clinical data manager works to enhance care through data-driven efforts such as predictive analytics. CAPE team members also drive project management, performance improvement and achievements such as Pathway To Excellence, BEACON, and Magnet recognition.

“We are here to support every staff member in their individual and collective efforts to achieve and exceed excellence,” says Michael Hall, MSN, RN, CNML, CAPE director for Midland Health. “We are lucky to have the support of this organization in looking to continue refining current approaches and adding new roles such as our simulation coordinator, which serves to advance our mission.”

Communication At A Higher Level

Hall says his expectations of his team members are simple: know your duties and responsibilities or ask for help. He encourages a free-flowing communication model for staff members to feel comfortable clarifying questions and requesting needed resources. “It is crucial that my staff members let me know what they need and to make them realize that asking for something does not signify a deficit on their part. It’s equally important for me to be open and willing to meet these needs so trust is built,” Hall explains.

He uses several communication approaches to connect and inspire his team members, including:

  • daily team huddles,   
  • regular project update meetings, and    
  • rounding with CAPE staff in the practice setting.

“Vision is a big part of what we do because we are supporting staff to get to the place they want and need to be for patients, whether it’s personal advancement or team-wide process improvement,” Hall says. To foster this vision he continually encourages his team to be true to Midland Health’s 12 core action values, including integrity, so these values come through in the projects they lead and the professional advancements they inspire.

Hands-on Leadership

Hall fosters open and interconnected team communication, while also encouraging autonomy among staff members so they are free to practice with their own vision.

He subscribes to a servant leadership approach, which he has developed in various leadership roles within Midland Health since 2001. “I tell my staff that I work for them more than they work for me—I am here to support their success.”

Empowered Practice Through Technology, Innovation

Technology is a critical piece of achieving success within the CAPE team, according to Hall. “Technology is woven into everything we do, whether we are helping clinicians implement a new technology such as a safe patient lifting device or leveraging technology with electronic medical record tools to drive process improvement. Key technology implementation projects his CAPE team members are addressing include:

  • clinician support with implementation of a new electronic medical record Midland Health will soon be launching,    
  • simulation training, in partnership with Midland College, to provide staff with simulation education, and   
  • predictive analytics to better understand data such as patient trends and staff efficiencies to improve safety and workflow.
“Our recent work with simulation and predictive analytics are two areas that highlight the unique value we provide to Midland Health staff members,” Hall notes. “Our role is to help make Midland Health policies, evidence-based practice, and clinical tools truly applicable and beneficial in the practice setting.”