Roberta SoloRio

Roberta SoloRio

Going Above and Beyond in Human Resources

Whether seeking out the right new hires or coaching employees to be their best, the human resources professionals at Midland Memorial Hospital play an integral role in building and maintaining the unique team of professionals making a difference in the lives of patients.

Roberta SoloRio, JD, BS, vice president and chief human resources officer for Midland Health says the values-based Culture of Ownership embraced by every staff member provides the opportunity for a deeper connection between staff and with patients. This is a culture that Midland Memorial has become well known for.

SoloRio explains that a brief walk through the halls of the hospital will provide the perfect example of what an ownership culture looks like. She sees this in the way a staff member will take time to walk a lost patient to their desired location or how a staff member from a completely different department will step in to support another colleague when needed.

“Our talent acquisition team is exceptionally good at seeking out new hires who will truly embody and contribute to the continued growth of Midland Health’s unique culture,” she says, sharing the story of an electrician recently hired who was sought out by one of her talent acquisition team members for his natural demonstration of Midland Health’s values. The new hire has hit the ground running in his role and is proving himself to be a leader in inspiring others to live the mission, vision and values of the organization.

Communication At A Higher Level

SoloRio believes the key to Midland Health’s unique Culture of Ownership is a common language to articulate the values and promises every staff member holds dear. She reinforces this common language through:

  • a daily huddle with her human resources team members to recite the Pickle Pledge against toxic emotional negativity and the days promise for Self Empowerment, and    
  • asking a different team member each day to lead the promises and share an important connection that makes the promises personally meaningful.    

“My team has been very clear with me from the beginning about how beneficial our daily huddle is to help them reinforce within themselves how to be better citizens, both at work and outside of work,” SoloRio explains. Because every employee throughout the organization is reciting these promises in their own team huddles as part of supporting the culture at Midland Health, this values-based language for ownership also provides a common ground to communicate with a staff member when improvements need to be addressed.

Hands-on Leadership

SoloRio says an important part of her work is to partner with executives and other leaders to make sure they are all walking the talk of an ownership culture.

“I believe in excellence, and in always taking time to stop and evaluate how something can be improved,” she stresses. “Through transparent and ongoing communication with my team, we ask each other how to evaluate our practices and continue moving through the continuum of change to never stop seeking ways to be better in our work.”

Empowered Practice Through Technology, Innovation

One good example of questioning the status quo and finding a way toward improvement is the 18-month journey SoloRio and her team have been on to adopt new human capital management technologies that are helping them transition from manual to automated processes, such as

  • transferring all paper personnel files to a digital solution in the cloud, enabling more efficient filing and retention of the information;    
  • implementing a new benefit online portal for staff members to access;    
  • using a new applicant tracking system to help the talent team to continue relationships with applicants for proactive staffing; and    
  • data analytics to better understand metrics such as turnover, staff demographics and professional positions.    
By moving out of manual processes, SoloRio says these technologies will minimize the risk for errors or misses. It will also optimize her team’s ability to look at staffing data in new ways and create some automatic connections for key aspects of work, such as onboarding and communication.

She encourages job candidates with an open mind, an independent spirit and a willingness to step outside of the box to explore professional opportunities at Midland Health. “Be prepared to go on journeys you might not have been able to previously pursue because this is an environment that will let you do that.”