Russell Meyers

Russell Meyers

Going Above and Beyond at Midland Memorial Hospital

With a mission to lead healthcare for greater Midland, a vision that Midland will be the healthiest community in Texas, and core values to have a pioneer spirit, caring heart and healing mission, Midland Memorial Hospital is founded in a values-based culture.

“Everything grows from our cultural commitments” called a Culture of Ownership, says Russell Meyers, President and Chief Executive Officer for Midland Health. “When someone comes to work here, we want them to make a conscious decision to live and be an integral part of our culture—we are unique in this way.”

The organization is structured in such a way that staff members hold each other accountable and are intolerant of toxic emotional negativity, something that is not enforced from a top-down model but rather embodied at every level. “This environment provides room to grow, be creative, and exercise your professional expertise,” Meyers notes, stressing that the right fit for a new hire will be a person who is aligned with Midland Health’s cultural values.

Communication At A Higher Level

As the community’s largest health care provider, Meyers leads Midland Health in helping to promote wellness within and beyond the walls of the hospital. “We really have a larger commitment to the whole community’s health and to advance the cause of coordinated care and healthy lifestyles—we embrace this mission and have been very intentional in this.”

Meyers also writes a weekly newsletter to share these strategic efforts with staff, and demonstrate how ownership within the hospital also transcends into the community.

Hands-on Leadership

While owning practice means autonomy in daily work, those in leadership roles at Midland Health play a key role in promoting foundational values, Meyers shares. “Our core values come down to a few keys: honesty, integrity, and openness—we strive to be open with our colleagues, be good for our word, and stand by our actions.”

Modeling ownership in his own practice, Meyers says it is his job to live and breathe the values he is proud to see in practice throughout every corner of the Midland Memorial Health System. “This is who we are and what we stand for—every member of our team buys into our ideals, when we fall short we recognize it and do better.”

Empowered Practice Through Technology, Innovation

Recognizing the value that the right technology can provide in helping Midland Health professionals to achieve and exceed their mission, a comprehensive electronic medical record (EMR) slated for implementation early next year will make technological communication more user friendly. It will also tear down barriers to integrate and enable streamlined communication between physicians’ offices, the hospital and families—all on the same platform.

Meyers is also excited for the predictive analytics that will be achieved through the new EMR, which will allow Midland Health’s quality management team to devote more time to looking at health trends and seeking answers to improve patient health.

With the foundational values driving practice and the new technologies that will enhance care delivery, Meyers says the staff members at Midland Memorial are the integral piece to exceeding the mission, vision and core values of the organization. “We recognize that every staff member is a unique individual with their own experiences. We value this individuality and honor the contributions each individual team member brings to this organization.”