Troy Ward

Troy Ward

Going Above and Beyond in the Cardiopulmonary and Neurology Division

With a spirit of excellence and autonomy, the respiratory therapists specializing in cardiopulmonary and neurology at Midland Memorial Hospital focus on respiratory therapist-driven practices that put the patient first.

Troy Ward, MSHA, RRT, Division Director of Cardiopulmonary and Neurology at Midland Health says a shared-focus on patient outcomes drives his team. For example, an early mobility program allows patients to get moving quicker and feel less confused when they come off the ventilator. Also, being a state-of-the-art vascular access team means patients don’t have to wait to have a central-line inserted.

Recently a member of Ward’s team was recognized with the PHIL (pulmonary health and illness of the lungs) award from the FACES Foundation for excellence in caring for a patient and family in both a scientific and artful approach. “We are very proud to have one of our own respiratory therapists be the first at Midland Health to receive this honor,” Ward acknowledges. He says this is just one example of the amazing expertise and teamwork he sees every day in every staff member.

Communication At A Higher Level

Ward is focused on being approachable to his staff so they feel comfortable talking to him and sharing ideas. “I try to never take myself too seriously,” he says. He uses several communication strategies to keep his team connected:

  • an open-door policy for face-to-face dialogue,    
  • routine rounding with staff, and    
  • a fun-loving attitude that is never too serious unless it needs to be.    

Ward and his team also internalize Midland Health’s Culture of Ownership in the way they put equal focus into celebrating their successes and learning from their failures.

Hands-on Leadership

Collaboration is Ward’s ultimate approach to leadership because it supports shared input from leaders and from frontline staff for the good of the patient. “We collaborate on the big stuff and the little stuff,” he says.

Sometimes this collaboration start with staff members, such as through a staff-based council in which ideas for changes and improvements are discussed and then introduced to Ward for further discussion and planning for implementation.

Empowered Practice Through Technology, Innovation

Ward’s team combines collaboration and practice expertise with technological skill to continue raising the bar for patient care. For example, his respiratory therapists maintain a laboratory license that enables them to collect and assess important patient data such as blood gas measurements. Other technological advances his team employs include:

  • cutting edge ventilatory technology, and    
  • diagnostic procedures for diagnosis of pulmonary and neurologic abnormalities,
  • first ever RT-driven vascular access team placing central venous catheters in Texas.
My number one expectation for my staff and myself is that patients come first, Ward stresses. “We hire for personality and train for skill. I ask my staff members to be kind, own their practice, and love what they do.”