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CHIP Program

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CHIP, (Complete Health Improvement Program), is a research-tested lifestyle medicine solution designed to prevent, arrest, and reverse chronic disease. The evidence is overwhelming that lifestyle factors, such as unhealthy eating, physical inactivity, tobacco use, excessive alcohol use, and psychological factors are key proximal factors in the pathogenesis and incidence of chronic disease. 

Participants achieve lasting change by applying their new learning in the "real-life" environment of their kitchens, local grocery stores, and restaurants. Trained CHIP facilitators use current adult education techniques in a dynamic group setting to achieve an atmosphere of accountability and support. 

How is it implemented?
Eighteen sessions are delivered over three months: each session contains equal amounts of filmed information and group discussion, interaction, and practical application. CHIP principles are based on regular exercise, plant-based whole foods, adequate water intake, rest, and stress management.

At Midland Health, this program will be delivered in a unique setting where a physician will medically supervise the program. Participants will have access to additional support like nutritional counseling with a dietitian, health coach counseling, weekly educational classes, grocery tours, and referral to a community support group. 

Impressive Data: 
quote from Brenda Dixon
On average, CHIP participants at the highest risk experienced benefits after 30 days. 
Decrease in blood pressure
Decrease in weight/BMI
Decrease in total cholesterol
Decrease in triglycerides
Decrease in fasting plasma glucose
Better ability to deal with stress

For more information on grocery tours, click here to direct you to our betterU site where you will need to create a membership. Once logged in, click resources and scroll to the bottom where you will see Other Resources and click on Healthy City.

If you are ready to make lifestyle changes, we are here to help you. 
Call 432-221-LIFE (5433) to learn more about the CHIP Program.


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