Beacon Electronic Health Record

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New electronic health record coming Summer 2018! 

BEACON is Midland Health’s new electronic patient records system provided through Cerner. While there are several robust electronic health record (EHR) systems, Cerner has consistently maintained its status as an industry leader in the field. Beacon provides Midland Health patients and employees the benefits of the latest secure technology and communication resources.

In addition to providing cutting edge technology, Midland’s transition to a fuller, more robust EHR system gives providers a comprehensive view of the patient, allowing for better coordination of care through the sharing of information more efficiently across disciplines, specialties, hospitals and even pharmacies. Providers being able to exchange accurate, up-to-date patient data, leads to efficient diagnosis and reduces medical errors. Moreover, the robust reporting and analytic capabilities of Beacon offer a greater level of patient care by putting providers in front of the health trends and potential patient health risks.

Improving and cultivating patient and provider communication and interaction is critical and a key advantage of Beacon. Beacon gives patients better access to their own health information through the HealtheLife patient portal. Patients are able to communicate directly with their care team about past and upcoming visits, medication refills and other health questions.

BEACON is transforming the way Midland Health provides healthcare to West Texas. Its streamlined, integrated system ensures a higher quality of care for all patients.


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*Ambulatory Courses Enrollment for Providers, Patient Care Staff and Front Office/Administrative Staff is not shown. That schedule is being managed between training team and Practice Managers of the clinics.

*Specialty Groups Specialty Groups with lesser numbers will be registered collaboratively between the training team and department managers and staff to accommodate resource/staffing availability. Enrollment will be shown in NetLearning when final schedules are determined. [Examples: EKG, Echo, Dietary, Pastoral Care etc.]