COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Advisory: If you believe you have been exposed to COVID-19 or are experiencing symptoms, please do NOT go to the Emergency Department, a health care facility/clinic or the health department to seek testing or treatment. You need to self-isolate and call your primary care physician, contact 68Nurse or see a provider via the BasinMD app to seek guidance. For more information, please visit  and For a full list of resources and information regarding COVID-19 please click here.

  • Texas
    Confirmed Cases: 8,262
    Deaths: 152

  • Midland County
    Confirmed Cases: 30
    Deaths: 1

  • Midland County 
    Quarantined: 13
    Self Monitoring: 5
    Total number cleared: 75

  • From MMH Testing
    Tested: Total samples: 619
    Positive: 25 
    Negative: 501
    Waiting for Results: 93

*Last updated on 04/07/2020 at 3:50 PM

Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

Coronavirus 2019 Resources


If you think you might have been exposed or are experiencing symptoms


  1. Self-Isolate
  2. Call your Primary Care physician or 68NURSE
  3. DO NOT go to an Urgent Care Center or the hospital ER for treatment or testing
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Midland Health COVID-19 Updates:

To view Midland Health Visitation Policy click here

To make an online COVID-19 donation to the Midland Memorial Foundation, click here

To thank a Midland Health hero, click here

For the CDC's instruction on Cloth Face Coverings, click here. 

Midland Health COVID-19 Tip of the Day: 

4/7/20: Midland Health’s COVID-19 tip of the day is Social Distancing.
Here is an easy to follow guideline on what Social Distancing means and how to model it in your own life. Don’t forget -- It’s important to stay at home as much as possible and wear a cloth mask while in public to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

4/3/20: Midland Health’s COVID-19 tip of the day is Better U.
Self-distancing doesn’t mean we can’t continue to improve our health. We can still be empowered by our lifestyle choices for our bodies, minds and spirits during this time. 
Better U is a wellness portal equipped with interactive lessons and tools to empower and inspire you to live your healthiest life possible. For more information and to sign up, visit 

4/2/20: Midland Health’s COVID-19 tip of the day is the steps you can take to keep your children healthy.

Here are some tips on keeping the children in your home healthy during this time. For even more helpful tips on caring for children and preventing COVID-19, visit

4/1/20: Midland Health’s tip of the day is COVID-19 prevention.
You can help stop the spread of COVID-19 by following these simple steps. By taking these precautions as well as staying home, we as a community will make a difference. For more information and resources, visit

3/31/20: Midland Health’s COVID-19 tip of the day is to stay home.

Practicing social distancing and staying home unless absolutely necessary are the best ways to do our part in stopping the spread of COVID-19. For more information and resources, visit #StayatHome #StayHomeMidland

3/30/20: Midland Health’s COVID-19 tip of the day is how Midlanders can stop the spread of COVID-19.

Our actions play a role in the health of others. As a community, we depend on one another to stop the spread of COVID-19. #StayHomeMidland



3/27/20: Midland Health’s COVID-19 tip of the day is the CDC’s Self-Checker.
Midland Health’s COVID-19 tip of the day is the CDC’s Self-Checker.
Did you know the Center of Disease Control launched a Self-Checker? This online tool is an easy way to evaluate your symptoms and get advice without having to interact with others. To access the Self-Checker, visit…/…/symptoms-testing/index.html For a short demonstration of the Self-Checker, watch the video below:



3/26/20: Midland Health's COVID-19 tip of the day is the best practice steps for disinfecting your home. While cleaning your home, it is important to remember to wait the full contact time of a cleaner to produce the optimal sanitation of a surface. Here are some of the best practices. 


3/25/20: Midland Health’s tip of the day is BasinMD.

As we continue to practice self-distancing and stay home, it’s important we have the health care resources we need to receive care. That’s why Midland Health offersBasinMD, a telemedicine app that allows you to visit with a doctor from the comfort of your own home! Visit for more information and to sign-up!

03/24/2020: Midland Health’s COVID-19 tip of the day is 68 Nurse.

Are you feeling under the weather or concerned you may be exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19? If so, you are encouraged to stay home and call 68 Nurse. 68 Nurse is a free medical advice hotline which is equipped to screen for COVID-19.

3/23/20: Midland Health’s COVID-19 tip of the day are the COVID-19 Symptoms.

It’s important to understand the symptoms of COVID-19 and the proactive steps you can take if you believe you have them.

See the image below for more information:

3/21/20:  Midland Health’s COVID-19 Tip of the Day is to stay home.

Stay home if you can, to reduce the chance of spreading COVID-19 and to give health care workers a chance to return to their home, too.

3/20/20: Midland Health’s COVID-19 Tip of the Day is Handwashing.

Hand washing is one of the best preventative measures we can take in slowing the spread of COVID-19. Watch this video for tips on the best practices of handwashing.

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