Faces of Philanthropy

Clarence Scharbauer, Jr.
Completes $25 Million Pledge

In 1947, a Midland Reporter-Telegram headline announced, “$600,000 is Needed to Build Midland Memorial Hospital.” Twenty-four men and women, appointed by the Midland Chamber of Commerce, were charged with the responsibility of raising the funds to build a much needed community hospital. A 22-year-old Clarence Scharbauer, Jr., was one of those 24 dedicated individuals who raised more than $750,000 in private philanthropy to build Midland Memorial Hospital, which opened its doors in July 1950.

Almost 60 years later, Clarence Scharbauer, Jr. led the way once again. In 2008, he announced an extraordinary pledge of $25 million to kick-off the Campaign for Tomorrow to build a new patient tower, giving the largest gift the hospital has ever received. Mr. Scharbauer’s donation, to be paid in five annual installments, not only boosted the campaign, but virtually assured its success.

Rosalind Redfern Grover, chairman of the Campaign for Tomorrow and a second-generation member of the Board of Governors, called Mr. Scharbauer, “one of Midland’s greatest philanthropists.” She remarked, “Not only has Mr. Scharbauer given more to the Hospital and other vital nonprofit organizations than anyone else, he has done so with a style and grace that are unmatched in our community’s history.”

The final installment of Mr. Scharbauer’s pledge was received in September by Midland Memorial Foundation, fulfilling this remarkable pledge. Through the Campaign for Tomorrow, Midland Memorial Foundation exceeded its $60 million private philanthropy goal to help with construction of the new patient tower, which opened in December 2012.

Russell Meyers, President and CEO of Midland Memorial Hospital, adds “Since coming here almost 10 years ago, I have been struck by the overwhelming generosity of the people of Midland. Midland Memorial Hospital has been extraordinarily blessed by the gifts of Clarence Scharbauer, Jr., and his family, and we cannot possibly thank them enough.”

The Dorothy and Clarence Scharbauer Jr. Tower
The Vision Becomes Reality

By 2006, hospital administrators knew that Midland Memorial Hospital’s aging facilities demanded improvement if the hospital was to properly serve the Midland community in the years ahead.  As the need to build all new inpatient facilities became clear, administrators faced the task of assembling the capital resources to execute this bold new vision.

Beginning with the astounding leadership gift offered by Clarence Scharbauer, Jr., donors to the Campaign for Tomorrow made the construction of the Dorothy and Clarence Scharbauer Jr. Tower a reality.

On November 30, 2012, Midland Memorial Foundation hosted “A Night of Celebration” to honor the extraordinary, steadfast donors of the Foundation.  Although renovations continue in the existing building, the Scharbauer Tower is now fully operational.

Midland Memorial Hospital has entered a new era of healthcare, thanks to the enduring support of our community, our staff, and our donors.

Scharbauer Tower  

Our thanks to Mr. Al Escamilla of Escamilla Media Group for the beautiful photo of the Scharbauer Tower at sunset.