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  • Texas
    Confirmed Cases: 5330
    Deaths: 90

  • Midland County
    Confirmed Cases: 22
    Deaths: 1

  • From MMH Testing
    Tested: Total samples - 489
    Positive: 20
    Negative: 373
    Waiting for Results: 96

*Last updated on 04/03/2020 at 3:47 PM

News and Events

The 2017 Annual Endowment Gift

Midland Memorial Foundation is delighted to announce that the 2017 annual endowment gift to Midland Memorial Hospital was $927,990. This is the largest annual gift MMF has ever provided to the hospital, and we have our donors to thank! Each year, 4% of each matured endowment fund’s three year averaged investment earnings is utilized to support vital needs at the hospital.

In September 2017, MMH’s executive leadership team presented an urgent need to replace all fifty-eight defibrillators and sixteen automatic external defibrillators utilized by the hospital. The current defibrillators were recently recalled by the FDA for battery failure, which has caused a concern in the availability of replacement batteries if failure occurs. The replacement of all defibrillators will provide MMH with the latest in Biphasic technology, including Wi-Fi monitoring to ensure that every defibrillator is equipped and available when needed. This provides assurance to not only our staff, but also to our patients who depend on these devices for life support measures.

The latest technology will also provide MMH with real time heart rhythm monitoring and determine whether an organized shockable rhythm has developed. When used with pediatric patients, the system will automatically reduce the shock energy level to a lower protocol all while continuing to monitor the patient’s rhythm. The 2015 AHA and ERC guidelines emphasize the importance of maximizing the proportion of time spent delivering chest compressions. The latest defibrillators on the market now provide real time monitoring for compressions, and provide audio and visual feedback to guide rescuers for consistent delivery of high quality CPR.


A Catalyst for Advanced Healthcare 

The legacy of the J. Robert Jones Charitable Trust

For over 20 years, J. Robert Jones and the J. Robert Jones Charitable Trust have made supporting Midland Memorial Foundation and quality healthcare in the Midland Community a priority. From supporting nursing scholarships to advanced medical equipment, the philanthropic impact made by J. Robert Jones has been extremely influential on the quality of care provided at Midland Memorial Hospital. MMF is extremely grateful for the generosity and legacy of J. Robert Jones, and his forward thinking in providing outstanding care for generations to come.

On July 20, 2017, Midland Memorial Foundation was thrilled to receive a grant in the amount of $2,040,022.41 from the J. Robert Jones Charitable Trust to support the renovation of the Midland Memorial Hospital Heart Institute Cath Lab 3 and the replacement of the cardiovascular information system (CVIS). According to the American Heart Association, heart disease remains the number one cause of death in America. In 2016, the MMH Heart Institute provided 2,089 cardiac services to patients. It is now more important than ever for the MMH Heart Institute to be equipped with state of the art imaging equipment and software technology to ensure cardiac patients receive standard levels of care initiated by the American College of Cardiology/American Heart Association. 

We are proud to announce that the upgrades to Cath Lab 3 and the CVIS system are possible due to the generosity of the J. Robert Jones Charitable Trust. With the ever-changing healthcare industry, the support of local community members is vital to MMH providing affordable and advanced healthcare.

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