We are excited to announce our new partnership with PocketHealth! PocketHealth is a secure online medical image sharing platform designed to make it easier for our team to exchange patient imaging records. With PocketHealth’s Patient Sharing functionality, our patients can now access, store, and share their medical imaging records anytime, on any device in just a few clicks.

With PocketHealth, our team is transitioning away from CDs for image sharing and will now encourage our patients to access and share their imaging records online through PocketHealth.


  • Save time by burning fewer CDs and empowering our patients to access and share their records.
  • Reduce the record sharing workload as patient-driven image sharing means records get where they need to go without any extra work for Midland Health staff.
  • Reduce patient on-site visits, with fewer patient CD inquiries.
  • Imaging records are seamlessly uploaded and populated in real-time for quick access and sharing with care providers.
  • Always-on support provided by PocketHealth for patients, our referring community and our team.
  • A frictionless patient experience where physicians can retrieve and review imaging prior to patient appointments to deliver the best care.
  • All patients who receive imaging services at Midland Health will incur no expenses to access their images and reports through PocketHealth.

How does PocketHealth’s Patient Sharing work?

  • Patients will require their MRN to request access to their imaging records by signing up for PocketHealth at www.pockethealth.com/MidlandHealth and selecting the plan that’s right for them.
  • Once signed up, patients can access, store, and share their entire imaging history with any care provider or loved one.
  • Learn more about how PocketHealth works and can benefit you by checking out the training guide attached below!
  • Patients can easily understand the complex terms in their reports with PocketHealth's Report Reader.
PocketHealth Enrollment - English
PocketHealth Enrollment - Spanish