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Hospital Stay

Hospital Stay

During your hospital stay you will be cared for by high trained staff specializing in the care of total joint replacement patients. Your stay will take place on the north wing of the 8th floor in a 12 bed unit dedicated to patients who have undergone joint replacement surgery.

A wellness approach will be taken while you are in the hospital. Physical therapy for those having either their hip or knee replaced will begin the day of surgery. The day after surgery you will be taken to the gym that is located on the 8th floor of the hospital. The gym is a large, well equipped area to provide patients with a comfortable setting to ensure maximum level of post-surgical mobility and functional outcomes. Consistent and progressive therapy plays a vital role in the recovery process in achieving the results desired after having a total joint replacement.

The average hospital stay after having total hip or knee replacement surgery is one to two nights in the hospital. For those having a total shoulder or elbow replacement, it is usually an overnight stay in the hospital. You will be cared for by trained staff whose primary focus is providing you high quality care based on evidence based practice. Our goal is to provide you high quality care and aid in the recovery process to allow returning back to an active life.