Preparation for Surgery

Home preparation is very important prior to having surgery. It is important to think about your home life and lifestyle choices prior to going to the hospital for surgery. The Total Joint and Spine Center is here to ensure you feel prepared for your procedure and recovery.

Prior to surgery is it recommended that you:

  • Remove loose rugs and secure loose carpet
  • Remove or tape down any electrical cords that are in the walkways
  • Ensure that walkways are free and clear of clutter
  • Place items that you frequently use at waist level
  • Ensure that there is adequate space between furniture for a walker to fit through
  • If you have a two-story house, consider converting a room on the first floor into a temporary bedroom

Prior to surgery, it is recommended that the patient designates a family member as their coach. Having a dedicated coach helps the patient have a quicker recovery time and ensures that they will have the support needed upon discharge. During the hospital stay, the coach is encouraged to be present as much as possible to obtain the needed information to assist and motivate the patient in the hospital and once the patient has returned home.

Your coach’s responsibilities include:

  • Attend all appointments with you regarding surgery
  • Assist you with therapy exercises pre-operatively and post-operatively
  • Provide encouragement and keep you focused on your recovery

It is important to give yourself plenty of time to prepare for the physical, psychological, and social aspects of surgery and recovery. Preparing ahead of time for the processes and challenges of surgery will help ensure a more successful recovery.