They are all very attentive, from the moment you enter with the receptionists and of course the doctors, the therapist Harvey attended me personally, excellent attention and of course I recommend the clinic 100%.

- Ivis 6/2023

Always found Kristen, my therapist, very professional and caring. Moreover, her friendly attitude was reassuring during treatments. She gave me specific and uncomplicated instructions for at home follow up, as well as symptoms to notice should further treatments be advised. I would certainly recommend her care.

- Carmen 7/2022

The therapist really worked with my limitations (arthritis) and still helped with my lower back problems, stayed for 3 months, and I believe my back is in way better shape. My Therapist was Bronwyn Hill, and I would recommend her to anyone! If I should ever need therapy again, I would request West Texas therapy.

- Keith 2/2022

The occupational therapist was very professional and personable. She focused very well in listening to my complaints that I came in with. She then proceeded to explain to me beforehand what she was going to do, and then slowly did it paying very careful attention to my body position while she was doing it. Due to her excellent treatment, I was able to recover my health in the area which I came in to be seen for, so I'm very thankful. I appreciate it very much.

- Raymond 01/2022

I can't begin to express my gratitude for how amazing the staff is and how professionally and wonderfully I was treated. I know without a doubt I would not be in as good of shape as I am now if not for them. They show compassion and care, truly going above and beyond. Thank you for the amazing care!

- Alicia 1/2022

I went in not able to walk. I was in a lot of pain and my therapist most definitely hit the right spots of what needed to be worked on. I am walking now with no pain at all. She was awesome!

- Madeline 8/2021

Excellent care and I could see noticeable improvements on a weekly basis. They gave me back my mobility and strength - and it was mostly pain free during each session and the day after. So surprising to go through their intensive workout and not be sore the next day.

- Janet 8/2021