"I thought I would never find resources in Midland to address my specific needs until I was seen by Dr. Rebecca James. She referred me to the outstanding and compassionate physical therapy skills at West Texas Therapy which has made a dramatic difference in my health and quality of life."

-- Mary M.

"After my hysterectomy, I experienced moderate to severe pain on a regular basis. My primary physician ran tests, but could not determine the source of my pain so he referred me to West Texas Therapy. I met with a physical therapist who suggested pelvic floor muscle therapy which I had never heard of before. After almost a year of pain, I was willing to try anything. I cannot say enough about what this therapy has done for me. My physical therapist was very professional and incredibly personal, which was important to me since the pelvic floor is a delicate issue. She was willing to listen to me and was able to quickly pinpoint the type of therapy that would be most beneficial for me. I am so much better off than I was before, and I'm feeling close to 100% again. Simply stated, West Texas Therapy has given me my life back!"

-- Vonda W.