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Awards and Recognition

The Breast Center is an ACR breast center of excellence, an NQMBC breast center of excellence (one of only two in the state of Texas) and an NAPBC accredited facility.   The Breast Center has spent considerable time and resources achieving these designations. The radiologists at The Breast Center have over 100 years combined of experience in breast imaging.

Why are these certifications important to me as a patient?

ACR Breast Center of Excellence means that staff qualifications and equipment are monitored for quality control and assurance and that the utmost safety policies are in place and that image quality is meeting the necessary standards.

NQMBC Breast Center of Excellence means that our performance is compared to other breast centers across the country.  This is used to see where quality exists, particularly in timeliness of care, in our center and where there are opportunities for quality improvement.

NAPBC accreditation means that we have voluntarily committed to provide the highest quality breast care, maintaining recognized standards and undergo a rigorous evaluation process by the American College of Surgeons to review our performance.  NOMBC national accrediation program for breast centers american college of radiology

The only Breast Center in Texas awarded all 3 honors.