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Our Breast Center Staff

Outpatient Imaging Operations Manager

Karen Orozco, BAT-OM, RT R CT

The Breast Center Supervisor

Misty Egge, RT(R)(M)

Nurse Navigators

Charliss Rodgers, RN, CN-BN

Jenifer Dumire, BSN, RN, CVRN-BC, CN-BN

Mammography Technologists 

Amy Muniz, RT(R)(M)

Brenda Lopez, RT(R)(M)

Kristin Lara, RT(R)(CT)

Diana Mackey, RT(R)(M)

Yalina Heredia RT(R)(M)(MR)

Elizabeth "Liz" Smith RT(R)(M)

Viviana Sanchez RT(R)(M)

Ultrasound Technologists


Charlotte Meeks, ARDMS, RT(R)(M)

Jenny Roland, ARDMS(ABD)(OB/GYN)(BRST)

Sally Paredez, ARDMS(ABD)(OB/GYN)(P)(BR), RT(R)

Liliana Saucedo, RDMS(AB)(OB/GYN)(BR)(PS)

Stacy Kushaney, RT(R), RDMS(OB/GYN)(AB)(BR)

Krista Geesaman, ARDMS (ABD)(OB/GYN)(P)(BR)(RVT)

Yazmin Meza, ARDMS(ABD)(OB/GYN)


Jennifer Elmore, RT(N)

Kristina Reta, RT(R)(CT)CNMT

Gabriel Fierro, RT(R)(CT)CNMT

Humberto Molina, RT(R)(CT)CNMT

Stephen Cummings, RT(R)(N)

Julio Velasquez, CNMT