Complete Health Improvement Program

The Complete Health Improvement Program (CHIP) is a scientifically proven lifestyle intervention program that can prevent, arrest, and even reverse today’s most common chronic diseases caused by poor lifestyle choices. This community-based program helps participants make lasting lifestyle choices that not only improves their own personal health, but also improves the health of the community.

CHIP provides a simple, yet effective, turn-key solution to address the top chronic diseases facing our world—and your community—today. Powerful results are achieved in as little as 30 days with CHIP, but the 90-day community program is designed to foster and support greater results long term.

CHIP brings communities together in a group setting allowing members to interact with each other on a regular basis providing…
  • A comfortable group setting where friendships are made
  • Group accountability to support and encourage each other
  • A safe environment to share health concerns and talk about health issues
  • Cooking samples and demonstrations allowing interaction and discussion on grocery stores, restaurants and other health businesses in the community
  • Opportunity for people to exercise together and start walking groups
  • Ongoing support after the program with the CHIP Club membership

To enroll or learn more about CHIP, call Jillian Tate at (432) 221-4935.

Community CHIP - Available Now

In 2016, Midland Health implemented the CHIP model for their employees. Below are three testimonies from Midland Memorial Hospital employees sharing how this program has transformed their lives.

The CHIP model is now available for the public and corporate partners through the Lifestyle Medicine Center. To learn more, call Jillian Tate at (432) 221-4935.