• Undo Heart Disease

    Undo Heart Disease

    The Lifestyle Medicine Center is one the ONLY facility in Texas to offer the Ornish Program--a scientifically proven method to reverse heart disease.  Learn More!

Lifestyle Medicine Center 

At Midland Health, we believe that one cannot be truly healthy without considering the mind, body and spirit. Because of this, we have created the Lifestyle Medicine Center--a resource for the community to provide physical, mental, spiritual, and financial education so that people can experience the best life possible.

Classes and Workshops

- CHIP (Complete Health
Improvement Program)
- Diabetes Reversal Program 
- Educational Lifestyle Medicine Classes
- Lifestyle Medicine Clinic
- Nutrition Education
- Ornish Program for Reversing Heart Disease
- Traditional Cardiac Rehab

Upcoming Events

Practical Aspects On Living A Plant Based Life
The Lifestyle Medicine Center offers weekly educational classes on various topics related to nutrition, chronic disease, food addiction, stress manage...