• At the Heart of Cardiac Care

    At the Heart of Cardiac Care

    From consultation with our acclaimed staff at Permian Cardiology to the latest in surgical procedures at the Heart Institute to outpatient rehab at our Lifestyle Medicine Center, we pride ourselves on offering exceptional, comprehensive heart care for Midland.  Learn More!

  • Undo Heart Disease

    Undo Heart Disease

    The Lifestyle Medicine Center is one the ONLY facility in Texas to offer the Ornish Program--a scientifically proven method to reverse heart disease.  Learn More!

Lifestyle Medicine Center 

At Midland Health, we believe that one cannot be truly healthy without considering the mind, body and spirit. Because of this, we have created the Lifestyle Medicine Center--a resource for the community to provide physical, mental, spiritual, and financial education so that people can experience the best life possible.

Classes and Workshops

- Community CHIP
- CHIP (Complete Health
Improvement Program)
- Diabetes Education
- Educational Lifestyle Medicine Classes
- Lifestyle Medicine Clinic
- Nutrition Education
- Ornish Program for Reversing Heart Disease
- Traditional Cardiac Rehab

Upcoming Events

Plant-Based Grocery Store Tour
Attend a grocery store tour of the new H-E-B on Loop 250 and let Healthy City aid you in shopping for whole food, plant-based groceries! You will also...
Treating and Reversing Heart Disease with Dr. Patel
The Lifestyle Medicine Center offers weekly educational classes on various topics related to nutrition, chronic disease, grocery store tours, food add...
Plant-Based Cooking Demonstration: Spring Into Plant-Based Eating with InstantPot
Photo Credit: Michael Hession The theme for March's cooking demonstration is Spring Into Plant-Based Eating! Attendees will learn how to cook quick an...
Finding Motivation for Lifestyle Change
Have you ever wondered why your desire to commit to a healthy lifestyle just hasn't been enough to actually make the changes and stick to them? In thi...
Microbiome: Eating for a Healthy Gut
A healthy gut is essential for optimal health and wellness, and an imbalanced gut can result in bloating, gas, discomfort, and sometimes more serious ...
Eat to Beat Cancer
The Lifestyle Medicine Center is offering a new class, Eat to Beat Cancer, taught by Dr. Padmaja Patel. The class will be based on published research....