Lifestyle Medicine Clinic

Dr. Padmaja Patel Lifestyle Medicine Center

At this clinic, lifestyle interventions are offered as the first line of treatment while using medications only on an as needed basis. A two week jump-start program will also be offered for individuals who are interested in trying food as medicine to see immediate results under Dr. Padmaja Patel's supervision. 

How is the Lifestyle Medicine Clinic different?

  • The clinic focuses on treating the root cause of the problem, using lifestyle as a basis for treatment and not only as prevention.
  • There will be no vitamins or supplements to purchase and no expensive procedures involved.
  • There will be no additional out-of-pocket expense to receive this evidence-based treatment.
  • Comprehensive treatment includes classes for patients on a weekly basis to provide counseling and support.
  • Patients can expect to experience an overall health care savings and decreased reliance on medications.

To learn more about the Lifestyle Medicine Clinic, call 432-221-LIFE (5433).