Tobacco Cessation Program

Did you know people who smoke have a 30-40% increased risk of developing diabetes than non-smokers?

Did you know after 1 year of not smoking your risk for heart disease is cut in half?

Have you tried to quit smoking or other forms of tobacco? Or are you ready to start a journey to a tobacco-free life? Pivot is here to help you along the way and tailored to your journey.

Pivot is a self-paced program that helps people reduce or quit smoking, vaping and other tobacco products. Pivot’s non-judgmental approach has been proven to increase motivation and help people deal with the triggers that lead to smoking. Access Pivot through your smartphone — there are no classes, no phone calls, and no pressure to quit. Best of all, Pivot is available free of charge for a limited number of participants.

Our Pivot program includes:

  • Mobile app: Personalized daily recommendations and activities
  • Free nicotine replacement products*: Proven to help reduce cravings
  • The Pivot SmartSensor*: Increase motivation while tracking progress
  • Coaching Support: A dedicated human coach available via in-app text. Working with a Pivot coach is optional.
  • Online user community: Share and learn from others on the same journey

*Available for those who smoke cigarettes.

Call us today to reserve your spot at 432.221.5433

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