Annual Endowment Gift

Midland Memorial Foundation and the Board of Governors are delighted to announce that the 2021 annual endowment gift to Midland Memorial Hospital was $1,112,969. With the unrelenting and generous support from our donors, this year MMF will assist in funding two much needed projects and multiple equipment purchases that are described below!

In addition to the hospital’s existing general ultrasound systems, the hospital identified the need for 8 new Samsung General Ultrasound Systems. The new technology in these systems will produce higher quality imaging. 

Did you know that over 40% of women have dense breast tissue? It is one of the strongest common risks for developing breast cancer. Dense breast tissue creates a dangerous camouflage effect which can potentially delay the detection of breast cancer. With this in mind, Midland Memorial Hospital has purchased a GE Automated Breast Ultrasound System that uses 3D ultrasound technology to produce a clearer image. The system will also be able to produce consistent imaging in a much faster and more comfortable manner. The best news is that dense breast screening using the ABUS is now covered by insurance. Please call The Breast Center at 432-221-2300 and schedule your mammogram today. 

Midland Memorial Hospital’s Sleep Lab is currently located on the main campus, however the need to relocate to F. Marie Hall Outpatient Center is vital in order provide a more convenient location. Additionally, the move will enable the Sleep Lab to expand from 2 to 4 beds and receive accreditation by early 2022.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic arrived in March 2020, Midland Health has been proactive in maintaining stock levels of personal protective equipment (PPE) to protect our workforce, patients and visitors. Stock levels increased through the pandemic from typically 2-4 weeks of supplies to 6-12 months to support operations. In preparation for another pandemic surge, Midland Health is renovating the old pharmacy space in the basement to house a higher volume of stocked supplies. 

Medical technology is constantly advancing, and Midland Memorial Hospital is committed to providing the most effective care available for patients. The use of cutting-edge technology is critical in fulfilling this commitment. Midland Memorial Foundation thanks the many donors who support the endowment funds, which in turn support the vital efforts of our local hospital.