Faces of Philanthropy

Walter Crandall

Crandall Family Endowment Fund established in memory of Walter Crandall

We created this endowment in his honor to support MMH and allow other families the opportunity to receive treatment without the need to travel.” - Gladys & Scott Hickman and family Midland Memorial Foundation and Midland Memorial Hospital join in thanking the Hickman family for their generosity and thoughtfulness in establishing the Crandall Endowment Fund. Their gift will significantly impact Midland Memorial Hospital’s ability to progress in the ever-evolving healthcare industry, by ensuring that state of the art facilities, highly trained staff and advanced medical equipment are accessible at our hospital.


Wilson Family

Celia and Word Wilson establish the Celia and Word Wilson Family Endowment Fund

Midland Health and Midland Memorial Foundation are grateful to Celia and Word Wilson for their generous donation of $50,000 to establish the Celia and Word B. Wilson Family Endowment Fund. The Wilsons have been steadfast supporters of Midland Memorial Foundation since 1997, making an extraordinary impact on the Midland community with their unwavering support for healthcare and other philanthropic efforts. The Celia and Word B. Wilson Family Endowment Fund will allow Midland Memorial Foundation to provide support for healthcare needs in Midland for generations to come. We are grateful for the dedication of donors like the Wilson’s who have contributed so much, making Midland a better place for all!

Leslie Wood

Longtime friend of Midland Memorial Foundation, Leslie Hendrix Wood, honored through new community clinic

Longtime friend of Midland Memorial Foundation, Leslie Hendrix Wood, honored through new community clinic. Though the passing of Leslie Hendrix Wood in early 2021 was unexpected and left friends and family saddened, Leslie’s legacy lives on in a unique and impactful way. Early in the pandemic, in November 2020, Leslie became ill with Covid. It was in her nature to help others, and although she was grateful for the immediate medical attention she received, she also became keenly aware of the many who do not have immediate access to healthcare. As she became motivated to help the underserved, she began brainstorming on how to meet the needs of the community through education and access to healthcare. Knowing how important this project was to Leslie, her husband, Lee and friend, Tricia continued the work she had begun. Lee and Tricia collaborated with Midland Memorial Foundation, CEO of Midland Health, Russell Meyers, and Dr. Rama Chemitiganti of Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center. This joint effort resulted in the establishment of Leslie’s Place, a free community clinic for uninsured adults in our community! The clinic is housed in the Casa de Amigos building, as the nonprofit has graciously offered to house Leslie’s Place in their trusted facility. Leslie’s vision has been achieved! If you would like to join in this commendable effort, please visit our Donate Now page where you can designate a donation to go to the Leslie’s Place Fund, which supports Leslie’s Place clinic.

Little Donors

MMF’s Little Donors Make a BIG Difference

We were delighted to receive a phone call from a parent letting us know that their child, along with two of her friends, coordinated a fundraiser amongst classmates to donate to the hospital. Inspired by their giving hearts and ambition to give back to their community, the parents agreed to match each dollar raised. This resulted in a gift totaling $283 to the NICU Fund.

Lemonade Stand Donors

Thank you to Selah, Karter, Emerson and Anna for raising a total of $490.57 with a gift match from the University Blvd Chick-Fil-A, and donating the funds to the Midland Memorial Hospital Covid-19 Fund.

The generous gift was raised with their hard work of running a lemonade stand and selling homemade bracelets in the West Texas heat! All efforts are in memory of Selah and Karter’s bonus grandfather Arthur Fredrick Oestmann and in honor of Gigi Gully and her family that are currently battling Covid-19. We could not possibly be more proud of such inspiring little ones! We are so grateful for their considerate initiative to give back to their community.


Kavanagh Family

Kavanagh Family Endowment Fund

Thank you to Katharine and Ryan Kavanagh for your forward thinking and generosity in establishing the Kavanagh Family Endowment Fund. The Kavanaghs encourage others to support the Midland Memorial Foundation because, with the rising complexity and cost of the healthcare system, private philanthropy will continue to play an important role in providing financial stability to the hospital.

Claire and Jim Woodcock

Claire and Jim Woodcock

Claire and Jim Woodcock donate $750,000 for capital expenses to Midland Memorial Hospital in memory of their grandson, Hunter Holloway.

The Woodcock's have been esteemed members of the Midland community for over forty years. Their stewardship has contributed to several projects at Midland Memorial Hospital including the Medical Office Building and the NICU Campaign.

As a tribute to their grandson, Hunter Holloway, by making a donation in his memory to the hospital. They lost Hunter to post Covid-19 Psychosis in the prime of his life, at the age of 25 and the cusp of graduating college. In his life, he had to combat many health issues including Tourette's syndrome, asthma and mental health issues. The COVID-19 pandemic has had a profound impact on the mental health of people of all ages. Midland Health alongside several other community organizations will be collaborating to present the region with the expansion of its healthcare offerings to meet the needs of the growing population. Mental illness takes a toll not only on those living with mental illness, but also on their families, their communities, and the Permian Basin as a whole. We are grateful for the Woodcock's generous donation to honor the memory of their grandson, Hunter, and address the ongoing burden of the pandemic on Mental Health.  "We are grateful to Midland Memorial and staff for the good service and care offered to our community."

Dr. Eileen Piwetz

FMH Foundation & Dr. Eileen Piwetz

FMH Foundation donates $1 Million to establish the Dr. Eileen Piwetz Nursing Scholarship Endowment Fund

Midland Health and Midland Memorial Foundation are grateful to the board members and the FMH Foundation for their generous donation of $1 Million to establish the Dr. Eileen Piwetz Nursing Scholarship Endowment Fund, in honor of her retirement as Executive Director of the FMH Foundation and inspiring leadership. Their generosity will provide nursing scholarships for employees and community members who want to pursue a career in nursing for generations to come.

In retirement, Di. Piwetz will serve as a board member of the FMH Foundation and continue to inspire. She has a passion for philanthropy and has been a mentor many. Her wisdom and dedication have impacted the lives of many people and made Midland a better community. Thank you to FMH Foundation and Dr. Eileen Piwetz!

AJ and Mary and Robert and Debbie Vogel

A.J. and Mary Vogel & Dr. Robert and Debbie Vogel

$1 Million Fund Established for Palliative Care

We are extremely grateful for the Vogel Family and their dedication to the Midland medical community and their continuing support and ongoing commitment to improve the quality of life in our community. When making the decision to establish the A.J. Vogel & Mary Vogel and Dr. Robert & Debbie Vogel Endowment Fund to support Palliative Care, Bobby was inspired that a certain portion of the Endowment Fund would support Midland Memorial Foundation; the principal would be maintained with good investments and that with growth, the endowment would provide funds where most needed for years to come. We are extremely grateful for the Vogel Family and their dedication to the Midland medical community and their continuing support and ongoing commitment to improve the quality of life in our community. 

Clayton and Modesta Williams
Modesta Williams donates $50,000 to establish the Clayton and Modesta Williams Endowment Fund in memory of Clayton Williams

Modesta Williams established the Clayton and Modesta Williams Endowment Fund in memory of her husband, Clayton Williams, Jr. who died on February 14, 2020. Clayton and Modesta Williams were married for 55 years and have 5 children, 9 grandchildren and 7 great-grandchildren.

In their free time, Clayton and Modesta traveled and hunted all over the world. They loved seeing new countries and the adventures of their many travels. One of their proudest achievements was earning the Grand Slam and Super Slam of sheep hunting. They both loved retelling the stories that went along with each trip. 

Midland Memorial Foundation is honored by the generous gift in Clayton's memory. This perpetual fund will support Midland Memorial for generations to come. We are grateful for Modesta's foresight, leadership and commitment to support our hospital and the local needs of our community.

Dr. Edgardo and Kathy Valle Emergency Department Fund established in memory of Dr. Edgardo Valle

The Dr. Edgardo and Kathy Valle Emergency Endowment Fund was established in memory of Dr. Edgardo Valle, on account of emergency healthcare being his life's work and passion. He recognized the importance of supporting health care in our local community, and thus the endowment fund will support the furtherance of the Emergency Department of Midland Memorial Hospital by contributing to education, equipment and/or services in emergency medical care.

Edgar was fortunate to meet the love of his life, Kathy, when they were children, and were married in 1979. Together they raised their two daughters; Frances Marie of Charleston, SC and Alexandra of New York. Aside from his unwavering commitment to practicing medicine, Edgar was a devoted husband, father and grandfather to their two granddaughters; Natalia (9) and Cat (5). When not in the ER, Edgar loved to travel with Kathy. They often attended international EM conferences along the way. Edgar was a foodie and loved music. He loved hiking but really loved just being with Kathy.

He was a friend and colleague as well as a dedicated and quintessential professional Emergency Medicine Physician. He ran organized and well managed shifts no matter what chaos occurred in the area. He loved to study emergency medicine, to teach medical students and young providers in training, but mostly he loved the practice of medicine. Edgar was a storyteller. He liked to keep things light with humor, especially in what the uninitiated may think of as stressful or inappropriate times. It kept things at ease and the work efficient. We will all miss him and will warmly remember the good times. 

The Trobaugh Family Endowment Fund: A Legacy of Community Service

The late Melba and Allen K. “Moose” Trobaugh moved to Midland in 1950 where they raised their daughters, Georgia, Sidney, and Susan, as well as their son Thomas. Through the years the family became very active in the community. Moose was involved with forming High Sky Girl’s Ranch and was involved with United Way, Midland College, the Human Relations Council and various other Midland organizations. Melba was a member of Children's Service League, Senior Services, Trinity School Board, Midland College and Samaritan Family Counseling Center. She was an original member of the Permian Basin Area Foundation and a member of their Board of Governors. Melba and Moose were excellent examples to their children on the value of serving their community. Thus, following in their parent’s footsteps, their daughters, Georgia and Sidney continue to serve the Midland community to this day. Georgia was an active member of Midland Memorial Hospital Board of Trustees for 25 years and in 2017 began serving on Midland Memorial Foundation’s Board of Governors. She also served on the boards of High Sky Children’s Ranch, United Way, Permian Basin Area Foundation, Permian Basin Petroleum Museum and Midland Country Club. Sidney has also been active in the community though the Junior League of Midland, Holy Trinity Episcopal Church, and Trinity School, where she currently serves on the Trinity School Board of Trustees.

Midland Memorial Foundation is honored by the family’s generous gift to establish the Trobaugh Family Endowment Fund. The perpetual fund will not only support Midland Memorial Hospital but will extend their legacy for generations to come.