Board of Governors

Executive Committee

Richard Coats - Chair
Rosalind Redfern Grover - Past Chair
Mary Dawson - Secretary
Larry Edgerton – Treasurer
James M. Alsup – Governance Chair
Steven H. Pruett – Investment Chair
Wes Perry – Nominating Chair
Tevis Herd – Oil and Gas Chair
Tricia Michie – Development Chair
Javaid Anwar
Barry A. Beal
Kay B. Bird
Michael Black
Craig A. Campbell
H. Joseph de Compiegne        

Nadine Craddick
Sue Dorr
Don Evans
Richard Folger
Nancy Gibson
Paula A. Henry
Anne S. Johnson
Stephen W. Kuzmich
Timothy A. Leach
Cadell S. Liedtke
Paul L. Morris
Roy Nelson
Joseph I. O’Neill III
Margaret Purvis
Glenn A. Rogers, D.D.S.

Douglas Scharbauer
Gwyn Sparks
Roxane R. Strickling
Georgia K. Trobaugh
Terry Wilkinson
Modesta Williams
Celia Wilson
Claire Woodcock
Charles M. Younger, M.D.


Governors Emeriti

Gregory W. Bartha, M.D.
Sue Starr Boldrick
Thomas M. Bruner

Mary W. de Compiegne
Mary B. Kennedy
Ann M. Kleine



Memorial Forum

Pictured left to right:
Hill Davenport -- Chair, Frankie Barela, Ed Mayberry, Helen Sledge, Ginny Allen, Stephanie Carmona, Shaun Rainey

Not pictured:
Emily Holeva, Alicia Hudson, Sherman Jameson, Matthew Norwood