Thank You for Your Generous Contributions

Cumulative contributions received by Midland Memorial Foundation between October 14, 2021 and January 31, 2022. 

The Memorial Society

FMH Foundation
The Jeff and Nada Mae Davis Charitable Foundation

The Builders Fund

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Coats

The Cornerstone Society

Mr. and Mrs. Frank M. Agar, Jr.
The B.R. Greathouse Testamentary Trust
Mr. and Mrs. Carlton E. Beal, Jr.
Mrs. Nancy Gibson
Salehi Family Foundation
The H.L. Brown, Jr. Family Foundation

The Patron Society

Barbara Tom Jowell Estate
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Davenport, Sr.
Ms. Mary Dawson
Rosalind Redfern Grover
Howard Hodge Unitrust
John and Maurine Cox Foundation
Paul and Katherine Morrow Family Foundation
Mrs. Margaret Purvis
The Marshall Verne Ross Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Carroll M. Thomas
Wayne and Jo Ann Moore Charitable Foundation

The Founders Society

Anguish Partnership
Ms. Ellen Anguish
Mrs. Margaret Anguish Cobb
Ms. Nancy Lynn Anguish
Mr. Steve anguish
Mr. and Mrs. Barry A. Beal
Mr. and Mrs. Spencer E. Beal
Ms. Linda Cowden
The Honorable and Mrs. Thomas R. Craddick
Door Petroleum Land Management, LLC
Head For The Cure
Mr. and Mrs. Harry B. Hinkle
Mr. and Mrs. Jay B. Horton
Mr. and Mrs. Bert G. Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Tom E. Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Clint J. Kuzmich
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Michie
Ms. Ann Poteet
Rachel Lyman Charitable Trust
Scharbauer Foundation
The Celia and Word B. Wilson Family Charitable Foundation
The Prairie Foundation
United Way of Midland

The Leaders Society

Mr. J. Devin Alsup

Mr. and Mrs. Kelly S. Beal

Mr. and Mrs. Larry J. Bell

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Bell

Mr. and Mrs. Don L. Bishop

Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Bledsoe

Alice Bowden

Mr. and Mrs. James C. Brown

Mr. and Mrs. H. Joseph de Compiegne

Mrs. Mary de Compiegne

Mr. and Mrs. Alan Douglas

Mr. and Mrs. Lynn D. Durham, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Floyd

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Folger

Annie L. Johnson

Mrs. Mary B. Kennedy

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Kuzmich

Mr. and Mrs. James R. Leeton, Jr. 

Marshall & Winston, Inc. 

Mrs. Denna McGuire

Mr. and Mrs. Russell Meyers

Mr. and Mrs. John F. O’Connor, III

Ms. Peggy O’Shaughnessy

Patsy and Michael Hochman Charitable Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Wes Perry

Mr. and Mrs. Scott T. Petersen

Mr. Douglas Scharbauer

Mrs. Karen Scharbauer

Mr. and Mrs. Chip Smith

Mr. and Mrs. David Stone

Mr. and Mrs. Ben A. Strickling, III

Mr. and Mrs. W. Burgess Wade

Watson Packer

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Wheeler

The Leadership Council 

Abell-Hanger Foundation

Mrs. Beverly L. Alstin

Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Bell

Mr. and Mrs. Jack C. Cartwright

Ms. Mattie T. Cobb

Mr. and Mrs.  George M. Cockerham

Contemporary Study Club

Judith M. Craig, Ph.D.

The Leadership Council 

Mr. David Cromwell

Mr. and Mrs. Briggs Donaldson 

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Dragisic

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Edgerton

Mr. and Mrs. Glen J. Ellis, Sr. 

Dr. Brenda Evans and Mr. Herman Evans

The Honorable Donald L. Evans

Fitz-Patrick Trust

Mr. and Mrs. Ron Gasser

Mr. and Mrs. Harry L. Graham

Evalyn Halvorsen

Mr. David Harwood

Laila Hasham

Mr. and Mrs. James C. Henry

Ms. Betty H. Hicks

Margo Hill

Kaye B. Horchler

Mr. and Mrs. L. Bart Hotchkiss

Bridgette M. Hunt

Gwin D. Jamerson

Kim Jones

Robyn Kedzie

Mr. and Mrs. Lelsie G. McLaughlin

Suzanne Mitchell

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Moats

Mr. and Mrs. William B. Morgan, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul L. Morris

Dionicio Myers

Mr. and Mrs. Roy Nelson

Diana Neptune

Mr. and Mrs. Les Oppermann

Mr. Antonio Miramontes and Ms. Cindy Pando

Tamara M. Pruessner

Mr. John Plucinski and Ms. Wendy K. Purvis

Mr. and Mrs. William Scott Ramsey

Marissa Salgado

Anne Salisbury

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Shapira

Ms. Vondie D. Silipo

Mr. and Mrs. James R. Small

Mr. and Mrs. Doyle J. Snow

Mr. and Mrs. Don L. Sparks

Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Strain

Mr. and Mrs. Jack D. Swallow

Dana Taylor, RN.

Mrs. Charlene Waddill

Dr. and Mrs. James B. Welsh

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Williams

Ms. Jane Wolf

Dr. and Mrs. Charles M. Younger

Gifts Received in Memory of Friends and Loved Ones

Aggie E. Anguish

Nancy Anguish

Ervin Baumann

Jeanne Beach

Dan P. Black

Dr. Brent G. Blonkvist, M.D.

Mark Bowden

Paula Cahoon

Dr. Pete Carter

Dr. Viola Coleman

Coley Cowden

Wright Cowden

Robin Cox

David Essex

Susie Evans

Peggy Ford

Richard Gibson

Robert L. Halvorsen

Patsy Hochman

Louisa Holmes

Will Holmes

Judy Jackson

Kenny Jonsson

Barbara Tom Jowell

Bill Kern

Jerry Leach

Dr. Sam MacFerran

C.D. “Bud” Martin

Bettie Jo Moberly

Forrest H. Muire

Tom O’Brien

Kenneth Peeler

Vance Pearcy

James H. Purvis

Louan Rogers

Gene Schafer

Cindy Schrenkel

Ruby Skelton

Patti Strickling

Dr. Edgar Valle

Janet Ward

Bill “Pee Wee” Watson

Byron Wilson

Leslie Wood

Thomas Blake Younger



Gifts Received in Honor of Friends and Loved Ones

Mr. and Mrs. Craig Aldridge

Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Angelo, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Ed Auler

Dr. James Barnett

Gregory W. Bartha

Jann and Vince Bash

Mr. and Mrs. Barry A. Beal

Mr. and Mrs. Carlton E. Beal

Mr. and Mrs. Kelly S. Beal

Mr. and Mrs. Spencer E. Beal

Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Beecherl

Ellen and Larry Bell

Mary Emma Bennett

Kay B. Bird

Emily and Kevin M. Blonkvist

Mrs. Pat Blonkvist

Lisa and Tim Blonkvist

Suzy S. Boldrick

Ashley and Justin Bowersock

Claire and Donny Brock

Mr. and Mrs. Loren Bryant

Susie Burnett

Jan Burrow

Barbara and Jack C. Cartwright

Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Catania

Peggy Cowan

Linda Cowden

Nadine and Tom Craddick

Mrs. Johnna Curle

Jimmie Currie

Amy Davenport

Elizabeth and Bob Davenport

Mr. and Mrs. F. Ferrell Davis

Mr. and Mrs. Paul L. Davis

Mary de Compiegne

Cathy Eastham

Mr. Duke W. Edwards

Ms. Julia Edwards

Mr. and Mrs. Glen Ellis

Donald Evans

Kathy Faris

Ted M. Ferguson

Mike Ford

Mrs. Joanne Foster

Dr. Shylesh Ganta

Susan and Bill Gau

Ms. Gina C. Gibson

Harry L. Graham

Susan and Bill Granberry

Mr. and Mrs. David N. Grimes

David Grover

Miles, Colby and Landry Grover

Rosalind Redfern Grover

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Grubb

Eleanor and Steve Harper

Patty and Tevis Herd

Karen and Don Hodge

Joanie Holt

Richards Horticulture

Susan and Jay Horton 

L. Bart Hotchkiss 

Pat Hunter

Melanie and David Hurta

Annelisse Hyde

Anne and Bert Johnson

Jeanie and Tom Johnson

Bettye and Don Jones

Mary B. Kennedy

Mary, Lauren and Bobby Kirwan

Mr. and Mrs. Clint J. Kuzmich

Mr. and Mrs. James R. Leeton

Mr. and Mrs. Chris Lillis

Shirlee Locker

Dr. Bill MacGavran

Mrs. Sue Marshall

Judy Martin

Mr. and Mrs. Clyde McCall

Ann and Pat McDaniel

Denna McGuire

Dr. Summer Merritt and Staff

Dr. Summer Merritt and Mr. Reed Merritt

Russell Meyers

Ms. Judy D. Miller

Cindy and Tom Moats

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Morrison

The Reverend and Mrs. Bill Nix

Mr. and Mrs. Thom O’Brien

Jan and Joe O’Neill

Mr. and Mrs. Van M. Pearcy

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Person

Dr. Eileen Piwetz

Steven H. Pruett

Margaret Purvis

Judy Rankin

Sally Reeder

Mr. and Mrs. Dusty Rhodes 

Leslie Rhodes

Linda and Rodney Satterwhite

Margaret and Charles Semple

Val Sparks

Sandra Staley

Major Stone

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Teeple

Betty and Don Tomlin

Dr. and Mrs. Robert Vogel

Margaret and Burgess Wade

Mrs. Cyril Wagner

Mr. and Mrs. James A. Walton

Mr. and Mrs. Eben Warner

Dr. and Mrs. David L. Watkins

Deborah Westmoreland

Mr. and Mrs. Jack B. Wilkinson

Mr. and Mrs. Roy C. Williamson

Nancy Woodman

Lucy Woodside

Dr. and Mrs. Charles Younger