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Hope Chest

Promoting healthy moms and healthy babies                                                                                              

Hope Chest is an incentives program for pregnant and parenting women of all ages, income, races, religious affiliations and needs, focusing on the health of babies across the Permian Basin. It encourages responsibility and healthy behavior during and after pregnancy.   

Through a point system, mothers earn free necessities including diapers, wipes, wash cloths, bath tubs, clothing, toys, bottles, bibs, Orajel, Q-tips, medicine, strollers, shampoo, blankets, cribs, crib sheets and car seats.

In addition to doctor appointments and classes, there are ways to gain additional points by attending health & wellness events, our annual stroller walk and more. A mother and her baby are eligible for the Hope Chest program until the baby turns two-years-old.

Becoming A Mom Classes

Visit our Classes & Events page for more information and upcoming dates for our Becoming A Mom classes.

Class 1: You and Your Pregnancy, Goals and Getting to Know the Group

Class 2: Prenatal Care and Eating Healthy During Pregnancy

Class 3: Stress During Pregnancy and Things to Avoid During Pregnancy

Class 4: The Big Day: Labor & Birth, and Caring for Your Baby/Postpartum Care

Hope Chest Testimonials:

"Hope Chest has helped educate and prepare me for pregnancy, labor and delivery. I greatly appreciate being introduced to this program and being able to be a part of such an amazing group of instructors and young ladies. This program is not only educational but also very helpful when it comes to being able to provide the best items one needs to care for a baby, both emotionally and physically. The simplicity of the course is awesome! All the instructors want is that we soon-to-be moms have a healthy pregnancy. We are awarded points for every class we attend, prenatal appointments and so much more. And with those redeemable points, we can get those necessary baby items straight from the Hope Chest wall. Even when things are difficult, there's always help with Hope Chest. Hope Chest has given me a sense of security and comfort. I'm truly grateful, knowing that I have been given some extra guidance with what to expect throughout pregnancy, labor and even life itself (becoming a mother). I would definitely recommend this program to any soon-to-be mother."  - Alexandra

"I was introduced to hope chest through my doctor. Little did I know I was coming into new friends and a lot of knowledge on what my pregnancy would be like. As I started going to classes, I began to meet other women that were just like me in a lot of ways. We were all scared and concerned parents and in the Becoming A Mom classes they get you ready for delivering your baby and knowledge about what things my baby would need to come into the world. For me, I was so happy to meet the Hope Chest coordinator. She gave me the peace of mind and the night I went to the hospital she said she was there for me and would check on me in the morning. That meant a lot to me and sure enough my baby girl was born and she was right there. Through this experience, I have learned that being a parent is the best feeling and the teachers and other moms in Hope Chest have been the best thing for me and my baby. I am a single mother and to know that as long as I keep my points and go to my doctor’s appointments, I will be able to get what I need for my baby. I want to thank Hope Chest for all they do. I would tell anybody to enroll in the program because they can help you so much." - Alyssia

To learn more about Hope Chest, please call 432-221-1150.  

Midland Memorial West Campus
4214 Andrews Hwy., Midland, TX
Located inside the main entrance on the right

The Hope Chest of Midland program is sponsored by Midland Memorial Foundation and March of Dimes. March of Dimes strives to improve the health of babies through education and by preventing birth defects, premature births and infant mortality.

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