• Live Longer & Happier

    Live Longer & Happier

    When Mike Carrilo needed a lifestyle change, he chose the Lifestyle Medicine Center at Midland Health. Battling diabetes that developed in his 30's, Mike now in his 50's is beating diabetes and experiencing a new healthier life thanks to the center. Learn More!

  • Beyond Expectations

    Beyond Expectations

    When Jenny Parrish was expecting, she and her husband chose to deliver their baby at Midland Memorial Hospital. The experienced staff, through compassionate guidance and expertise, helped to reassure the Parrishes that they would be in good hands and had the support that every new parent seeks.  Learn More!

  • Our Mission

    Our Mission

    We believe the health of a community extends far beyond hospital walls. And we are committed to leading our community to be the healthiest in Texas.  Learn More!

  • Modern Healthcare - Best Places to Work

    Modern Healthcare - Best Places to Work

    Midland Memorial Hospital Recognized as one the Best Places to Work in Healthcare in 2023.  Learn More!

  • 2024 Midland Wellness Tour

    2024 Midland Wellness Tour

    Join us for the 10th annual Wellness Tour from June 4-8. Wellness Tour will kick off with Wet N' Wild hosted by the First Department at CJ Kelly Park at CJ Kelly Park on June 5 from 5:00-700 p.m. to cool off and enjoy water activities. Learn More!

  • Passion Leads to Excellence

    Passion Leads to Excellence

    At Midland Health, we have a mission of leading healthcare for greater Midland. Our commitment has driven us to create cutting-edge facilities across the area, complemented by the latest technological advancements. Learn More!

  • Pivot Smoking Cessation

    Pivot Smoking Cessation

    To sign up, call the Lifestyle Medicine Center at  432-221-5433  or  visit  pivot.co/lmc   and use access code  lmc  Learn More!

  • Laboratory Services

    Laboratory Services

    Midland Health offers a wide array of laboratory services for patients and medical providers at convenient locations.  Learn More!

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We've made it easier for our patients and visitors to navigate our facilities. All parking lots and entrances are color-coded to make your healthcare experience as seamless as possible.

About Midland Health

We believe the health of a community extends far beyond hospital walls. And we are committed to leading our community to be the healthiest in Texas.

That's why we've teamed up with area healthcare partners to create Midland Health. Working together, we can make a profound and lasting impact on our community by improving the health of our people.

Physician Profile

MMH Recognized as One of The Best Places to Work in Healthcare in 2024 For Two Years in a Row
Midland Memorial Hospital has been selected by Modern Healthcare as one of the 2024 Best Places to Work in Healthcare. The complete list of this year’...
MMH Emergency Department Achieves Level 2 GEDA Accreditation
Midland Memorial Hospital has achieved the Level 2 Geriatric Emergency Department Accreditation (GEDA). The American College of Emergency Physicians (...
MMH Designated a Recognized Leader in Caring For People Living With Diabetes by the Leapfrog Group and the American Diabetes Association
In a remarkable demonstration of commitment to excellence, Midland Memorial Hospital (MMH) has been named a Recognized Leader in Caring for People Liv...
Food Farmacy Launches to Encourage Healthy Foods for Community Living With Serious Illnesses
Midland Health and West Texas Food Bank announced their partnership to implement a plantforward food program for those with serious illnesses. The Foo...
May On site Labor and Delivery Tour (from 5-6pm)
In person tours have now resumed at Midland Memorial Hospital. Come and take a tour of our labor and delivery unit and postpartum unit. Registration i...
On-Site Basic Childbirth Class- Understanding Birth Part 1- Pregnancy and Labor (4-6pm)
This class is part 1 of the on-site childbirth class and offers information on pregnancy & labor. It is recommended that you attend all classes in...
Breastfeeding Class (4-6pm)
This 2 hour class is designed to help new moms get started with breastfeeding. The class is taught by certified lactation nurses and covers the basics...
On-Site Basic Childbirth Class- Understanding Birth Part 2- Breathing, Coping and Comfort Techniques (4-6pm)
This class is part 2 of the on-site childbirth class and offers information on breathing, coping, and comfort techniques in labor. It is recommended t...
Baby Care Class with Infant CPR Demo (4-6pm)
  This 2-hour course covers the basics of baby care with hands-on approach to help parents feel comfortable with their newborn. Infant CPR and ch...
Midland Health Celebrates Hospital Week
In the bustling rhythm of our lives, it's easy to overlook the silent guardians of our well-being – the dedicated individuals who populate the corrido...
IT Master: The 4DX Journey to Better Patient and Employee Outcomes
In the constantly evolving world of healthcare, information technology (IT) must remain at the forefront of emerging innovations and technological arc...
Early Screening and Risk Assessment Is Not Just for Superstars
In this week’s People magazine, the cover story is about Olivia Munn (who has starred in Date Night, X-Men: Apocalypse,The Newsroom and other mov...
Healthcare Decision Day
National Healthcare Decision Day was April 16th. Although it is a day to bring the important topic of advance care plans to the forefront, it is somet...

Awards & Recognition

  • Pathway to Excellence
  • AHA NSTEMI Silver
  • NQMBC Breast Center of Excellence Award
  • beacon award excellence
  • DNV Hip and Knee
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