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Laboratory Services

Midland Memorial Hospital offers a wide array of laboratory services for patients and medical providers.
For more detailed information, view our Laboratory Services Guide.

Midland Memorial Hospital Main Campus

400 Rosalind Redfern Grover Parkway
Monday - Friday
7:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. 
Phone: 432.221.2911

Midland Memorial West Campus

4214 Andrews Highway
Monday - Friday
8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Phone: 432.221.3010

Legends Park Medical Office Building

5615 Deauville Boulevard
Monday - Friday
8 a.m. - 12 p.m. and 1 p.m. 5 p.m.
Phone: 432.221.3422

Direct Access

Midland Memorial Hospital Lab’s Direct Access Program is the Permian Basin’s resource for affordable laboratory services with no physician’s order required. Direct access testing, also known as direct-to-consumer or patient-authorized testing, is ordered directly by the consumer without prior consultation with a physician. The advantage that Midland Memorial Hospital hopes to offer patients utilizing Direct Access Testing is a time savings by avoiding a registration process as well as a low-cost alternative to monitoring their own health care.

All results are accessible on the HealthLife Patient Portal within 24-72 hours depending on the test type. Results can also be faxed to a primary care provider or picked up by the patient upon request. Patients with significantly abnormal results are advised to see their physician or are provided a referral telephone number if they do not have a physician.

Testing must be paid for by cash, check or credit card at the time of collection. Photo ID is required. Insurance is NOT accepted for Direct Access testing, however documentation can be provided for patient to submit to insurance on their own. Those that desire to use their insurance must have a doctor's order and must register with Patient Access.

Direct Access Form (English)
Direct Access Form (Spanish)

Single Tests

  • CBC - $35
  • Cholesterol - $20
  • CMP - $35
  • Glucose - $20
  • Hemaglobin A1C - $40
  • Pregnancy (urine/serum) - $25
  • Protime w/ INR - $25
  • PSA - $50
  • T4 - $30
  • TSH - $30
  • Testosterone (Free) - $60
  • Testosterone (Total) - $60
  • Urinalysis - $25
  • Vitamin D Total - $75

Profile Testing

  • Cardiac (Lipid) Profile - $40 includes total cholesterol, triglycerides, HDL, LDL and ratios, 7:30 (Fasting is recommended).
  • Diabetes Profile - $50 includes glucose and hemoglobin A1C
  • Drug Screen (urine) - $50 tests for the presence of: amphetamine, barbiturate, cannabinoid, cocaine, methadone, opiate, phencyclidine, propoxyphene (Does not include chain of custody.)
  • Hepatic Profile - $40 includes albumin, Alk phos, ALT, AST, D.Bili, T.Bili and T. Protein
  • Thyroid Profile - $50 includes Free T4 and TSH
  • Universal Health Profile - $60 includes CBC and CMP
  • Wellness Profile - $70 includes universal, cardiac and thyroid profiles, and urinalysis (Fasting is recommended).
* Pricing for above tests may be subject to change.


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