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Culture of Ownership

Our Mission

Leading healthcare for greater Midland.

Our Vision

Midland will be the healthiest community in Texas.

Our Core Values

   Pioneer Spirit

   We tell the truth and honor commitments.
   We innovate and embrace change.
   We are careful stewards of our resources.
   We overcome problems without complaining.
   We exceed expectations through teamwork and partnerships.

   Caring Heart

   We are West Texas friendly… treating all people with kindness and respect.
   We care for the hearts and souls of our patients and visitors.
   We see the human being first, then the medical condition.
   We slow down and listen; true healing begins with empathy.
   We honor diversity and promote the dignity of each individual.

   Healing Mission

   We do our best to improve the health and well-being of our community.
   We are continuous learners.
   We create an environment that supports the healing process.
   We care for ourselves so we are able to care for others.
   We find joy in our work and have fun together.

the challenge 

The Culture of Ownership Study

The Challenge

Despite a beautiful new building, patient satisfaction at Midland Memorial Hospital continued a downward trend and hit record lows at the end of 2013.

Employee engagement was unsatisfactory, as reflected in the first Culture Assessment Survey of February 2014. Results showed a general perception of lack of respectful behaviors, pride in the organization, and willingness to change. The new facility created a substantial gap between heightened expectations and old cultural norms.

It was obvious we needed to rethink the Invisible Architecture™ of core values, organizational culture, and workplace attitude.

Invisible Architecture™ is a trademark of Values Coach Inc.

the intervention

The Intervention

A guiding principle of our Values and Culture Initiative has been that culture does not change unless and until people change. Specific activities have included:

1.  The Florence Challenge: With a special introduction by the Midland Memorial Hospital leadership team, each employee was given a copy of the book The Florence Prescription: From Accountability to Ownership. Each employee was also asked to sign and post The Florence Challenge Certificate of Commitment.

2.  The Pickle Challenge has helped employees refocus negative attitudes and promote more positive and respectful behavior.

3.  Every employee has been encouraged to take to heart the seven daily promises of The Self Empowerment Pledge and to wear each day’s wristband—the management team first setting the positive example. This process involving hundreds of employees has resulted in a new hospital statement of values that has been enthusiastically embraced across the organization.

4.  Sixty Midland Memorial Hospital staff members have become Certified Values Coach Trainers and are now sharing the two-day course on The Twelve Core Action Values with coworkers.

5.  A new training room prominently features graphics for The Pickle Pledge, The Self Empowerment Pledge, The Twelve Core Action Values, and the “Proceed Until Apprehended” philosophy of The Florence Challenge.

results building

The Results

A second Culture Assessment Survey showed dramatic improvements in every question. Sixty-four percent of respondents reported seeing significant improvements in their perception of the Midland Memorial Hospital culture, and 87% of respondents reported being more positive themselves. There were also significant gains in questions related to willingness to change, pride in the organization, and perceived support of management for a more positive culture.

Ninety-six percent of managers responded that they were personally enthusiastic about and supportive of efforts to promote a more positive culture of ownership.

Patient satisfaction has gone from record low levels in late 2013 to record high levels in 2014. From the beginning of the Values and Culture Initiative in April until the most recent HCAHPS survey, there has been a ten point improvement in the summary score.

We have received consistent comments from board members, providers, and employees that the change in the Midland Memorial Hospital culture has been palpable. We have also heard many stories of individual employees making impressive personal changes as a result of the Values and Culture Initiative, including losing weight, going back to school, sharing what they’ve learned at home to foster a more positive family environment, and even breaking a long-standing drug addiction.

resources image

Pickle Pledge 

The Self-Empowerment Pledge and Daily Promises 

12 Core Action Values 

PledgePower Videos

We have been given pre-publication access to Joe Tye’s online course on The Self Empowerment Pledge. Called PledgePower, this course features 21 ten-minute videos (three for each of the daily promises). For best results, make a commitment to 10-15 minutes per day for 21 straight days and watch the videos in sequence. We also encourage you to select a PledgePartner to be your accountability buddy; you can download the agreement form here. If you’re unable to make the 21 day commitment you can watch the videos at your own convenience, and at any time you can return to watch any that you need to see you again.

Please join the Facebook group we’ve created for ongoing support and encouragement. Finally, since these promises also apply to your life beyond work, we encourage you to share this course with members of your family

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