Culture of Ownership

We all want to be successful, live a fulfilled life, and unleash our greatness. Midland Health believes living out our values individually can collectively make an impact upon each other and those in our community. That is why we take the culture of our work environment very seriously.

Along with our Mission and Vision, Culture of Ownership at Midland Health is comprised of invigorating and encouraging principles lived out through individual employees and collectively exemplified through our Core Values: man holding light bulb

Our Mission

Leading healthcare for greater Midland.

Our Vision

Midland will be the healthiest community in Texas.

Our Core Values

   Pioneer Spirit

   We tell the truth and honor commitments.
   We innovate and embrace change.
   We are careful stewards of our resources.
   We overcome problems without complaining.
   We exceed expectations through teamwork and partnerships.

   Caring Heart

   We are West Texas friendly… treating all people with kindness and respect.
   We care for the hearts and souls of our patients and visitors.
   We see the human being first, then the medical condition.
   We slow down and listen; true healing begins with empathy.
   We honor diversity and promote the dignity of each individual.

   Healing Mission

   We do our best to improve the health and well-being of our community.
   We are continuous learners.
   We create an environment that supports the healing process.
   We care for ourselves so we are able to care for others.
   We find joy in our work and have fun together.

We put our Core Values into action with the daily activities:

Pickle Pledge 

The Self-Empowerment Pledge and Daily Promises  

PledgePower Videos

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