Midland Memorial Foundation

"Providing philanthropic support to Midland Memorial Hospital since 1945"

Midland Memorial Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation organized exclusively for the benefit of Midland Memorial Hospital. Governed by a volunteer board, the Midland Memorial Foundation was established in 1945 for the purpose of raising funds for a community hospital. Since Midland Memorial Hospital opened in 1950, the foundation has been active in securing additional gifts for the expansion of the physical plants, purchase of new equipment and initiation of valuable new programs and services.

The hospital was established by prominent community leaders with one mission, "to make quality healthcare available in this region." It was built with funds donated by individuals, corporations and foundations as a nonprofit, community-based hospital, offering medical care to all residents of Midland and surround areas, regardless of ability to pay.

The foundation’s Board of Governors recognizes that philanthropy will not only continue to play a significant role in providing funds for Midland Memorial Hospital but that the benevolence of donors will become the critical link between community and regional needs and the quality of care provided.

Midland Memorial Foundation gratefully acknowledges a rich history of philanthropic support and is committed to broadening our fundraising efforts so Midland Memorial Hospital can continue to meet the health care needs of a growing and dynamic community and region.

We invite you to explore our site to find out more about our current projects, special events and how you can support the mission of Midland Memorial Hospital.

Mission Statement

Midland Memorial Foundation was established in 1945 by community volunteers committed to raising the funds for Midland's first hospital. Successful in that endeavor, the Foundation has continued to fulfill its primary mission "to help promote and maintain excellence in the delivery of health care in Midland.” The mission includes:

  • Helping friends of the hospital reach their own goals through philanthropic giving to Midland Memorial Hospital
  • Working with physicians and hospital administration to identify projects which lend themselves to philanthropic fundraising
  • Aiding the volunteer Board of Governors to build a significant Endowment Fund which will ensure that quality health care continues to be available to the people of Midland County
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