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How to Create a Medical Identification Card

A Medical Identification Card is important to have in the event of an emergency. A medical ID card can provide information about someone to first responders when they are not able to speak for themselves. It gives quick facts about the person’s health and history, so the right care can be given right away. Having a medical ID card in your phone or wallet can help prevent misdiagnosis, unwanted medications and treatments that can impose a risk to a patient’s health condition. Follow the instructions below to update your medical ID information in your phone.

For iPhone Users

For iPhone users, you can set up a Medical ID in the Health app.
1. Open the Health app in your iPhone.
2. Tap your picture on the top right corner, then tap Medical ID.
3. Tap Get Started or Edit to enter your medical information.
4. Below Emergency Contacts, tap Add Emergency Contact to select your emergency contacts.
5. Below Emergency Access, select Show When Locked and Share During Emergency Call.
6. Tap Done to complete.  

For Android Users