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Job Fair Game Plan

Get Hired Job Fair Game Plan

When employers sponsor or attend job fairs, it is a fantastic way for you to hack the application process and give you an opportunity to distinguish yourself from other candidates. An employer will either attend a Job Fair as a part of an expo comprised of several employers at a convention center or host an individual Job Fair, in order to meet a high-volume of job seekers and look to arrange face-to-face interviews with top candidates.

Employers are going to be assessing your interactions and your preparedness will be a key factor. So, it is imperative that you focus on a "Job Fair Game Plan," because it will set your apart from other candidates. Focus on these six tips and you will move from just another candidate to a pursued candidate.

Register & Research

Register for the job fair and sign-up for any potential alerts.
Research employers, read any recent news and work to understand both the culture as well as industry background.
Review job postings so you can speak to the role that you want to target.

Define your goals

Plan on attending the job fair earlier because recruiters will meet potentially hundreds of candidates.        
Identify your top 2 to 5 employers or jobs; upon your arrival get a vendor map to seek out your prioritized employers. 
Try to network with as many employer as possible, and do not assume every employer is a potential. 

Resume & Online Profile

Modify your resume to each one of your targeted employers or jobs.
Create a general resume that you can give to other employers that you network with. 
Make sure your online profiles like LinkedIn and Facebook are current. 

Personal Appearance & Etiquette

Increase your chances of getting an interview by dressing the part; wear business casual attire (no jeans & t-shirts). 
Shake hands, address recruiters accordingly and be respectful of the recruiters time. 
Success is reliant on interpersonal skills, so manners are more than just courtesy. 

Engage employer with your Pitch

Introduce yourself to the employer while being prepared to answer, “Tell me about yourself?”. Keep responses to 60 seconds. 
Be prepared to provide this information: Who are you? What have you done? What are your goals? Express why this matters. 
Have a clue; your employer research will express how your transferable skills will make you both a cultural fit and a good hire.

Close & Follow-up

Make sure to confirm next possible steps in the interview process.
Follow up next day with a phone call.
Send a handwritten note to thank the recruiter for their time, and this is a perfect way to stay top-of-mind.

This post was written by Duarte Mendonca, Associate Director of Talent Acquisition for Midland Health. To learn more about job opportunities with Midland Health, visit


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