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MMH Creates Safe Environment at Emergency Department

In this era of a pandemic, it’s common to wonder if it is safe to go to the local Emergency Department. This was something we at Midland Health took seriously when we looked at what processes were already in place and how we could change these processes to ensure the safety of our patients in this new challenge. Some of the things we as a hospital have done is requiring masking of all staff, patients and visitors upon entering the facility, regardless of the reason you came in. This simple requirement has been shown to decrease the spread of COVID 19 and was something that we could easily implement to ensure that added step for our patients.

In the ED, we also have tried to ensure quick efficient care to all of our patients. This prompt, efficient care has led to little time spent in the waiting room. The waiting room has been set up to assist with social distancing by the spacing of chairs and there are increased rounds to clean all the furniture by our Environmental Services staff. All surfaces in the ED rooms are being cleaned with bleach in between each patient as well.

Another process that we at Midland Health implemented was a separate treatment area to treat acutely ill patients with an unknown COVID status to ensure we minimize any chances of contamination to staff and other patients. These areas are set up in a negative pressure area that allows for separate filtration of air from patients. Once a COVID status is determined and the risk is minimized, then the patient may be moved to a regular room.

All these measures and more have been implemented to ensure the safest possible environment for our patients and staff. So, if you find yourself in need of the ED, please know that you will be taken care of by awesome nurses and doctors in the cleanest and safest environment.


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