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What to Expect When Delivering at MMH

Baby Feet

Everyone has read or seen the book, What to Expect When You are Expecting. Once you arrive to the hospital to have your little bundle of joy, everything you have read about delivery and what to expect is hard to remember. Let’s look at some of the major things that are important to remember when you are ready to come to labor and delivery at Midland Memorial Hospital.

A few things to bring with you:

  • camera
  • phone charger
  • comfy socks
  • robe, boppy pillow
  • nursing bra
  • comfy stretchy clothes
  • shampoo
  • soap

Yes, you may bring other things with you, but remember that the hospital already has many of the supplies you will need. Also, remember to bring your car seat, which can stay in the car until you are ready to go home. Before you come to the hospital, go ahead and put the base of the car seat in the car. Experiment with the car seat so you know how it works. Car seats can be very complex, and it is important to know how to operate it.

Key points while in labor:

  • Most physicians do not let you eat while in labor. You may have ice and popsicles.
  • We will need to monitor your baby’s heart rate. For some patients we can do intermittent monitoring, but for high risk patients you may need to be on the monitor continuously.
  • It is ok for family to come up and visit, but remember only 3 people in the room at a time. This is you and your significant others special time, so if we ever need to be the “bad guys” and ask family or friends to leave we can.
  • Birth plans are great, but remember they are a “plan”, and things do not always go according to plan. Please be flexible and understand that we have you and your baby’s best interest at heart. Our motto is a “healthy mom and healthy baby.”

Once the baby is born, if he/she is doing well, they go skin to skin. We do all of their measurements, medications, foot prints, etc. in the room. Take lots and lots of pictures. These moments are special, and you will want to have pictures. Mom and baby will stay in recovery in labor and delivery for two hours. They are then transferred together upstairs to the Mother-Baby Unit and are cared for by one nurse. While you are on Mother-Baby, this is your time to “get to know” your baby. You will learn feeding cues, different cries, facial expressions, etc. We teach you lots of important information while you are here. If you ever have a question or feel overwhelmed, let us know. Our goal is for when you and your little one go home, that you are both ready. When you leave we will provide you with a booklet that has all of the information we taught, so you can use it as a reference.

Remember to enjoy this time! You won’t ever get another chance to re-create it. We are blessed to take care of you and your family on such a special day, and we want to make this the best experience possible.

This post was written by Melissa Weems, BSN, RN, Clinical Manager of Labor & Delivery for Midland Memorial Hospital.


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