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  • Early Screening and Risk Assessment Is Not Just for Superstars 

    Early Screening and Risk Assessment Is Not Just for Superstars


    In this week’s People magazine, the cover story is about Olivia Munn (who has starred in Date Night, X-Men: Apocalypse,The Newsroom and other movies)and her journey through breast cancer. But the story doesn’t start here, as ...

  • Breast Cancer Doesn’t Just Happen in October 

    Breast Cancer Doesn’t Just Happen in October


    November is here and all the of the celebrations of pink and honoring our survivors and creating awareness have ended. Getting a mammogram was fresh on everyone’s mind. The importance of early detection and screening. The personal...

  • Continuing to Create More Informed Breast Cancer Awareness 

    Continuing to Create More Informed Breast Cancer Awareness


    As stated in last week’s article, the definition for awareness is concern about and  well-informed  interest in a particular situation or development. It was also discussed that our mission here at The Breast Center is t...

  • Creating True Breast Cancer Awareness 

    Creating True Breast Cancer Awareness


    Here we are……entering October.   Pink ribbons everywhere!!! Ball games, social events, church gatherings, everyone is focused on those who are going through breast cancer or who have won the fight and are now called a survivo...

  • Creating More Previvors 

    Creating More Previvors


    I recently came across an article where the author was telling the story of his wife and his daughter.   The gentleman stated in his article that his daughter was a previvor and his wife should have been.   This is becau...


    The Breast Center Offers Testing to Detect Genetic Mutation


     When you come to The Breast Center there is a new component that will be included in your care. You will be given a tablet and asked some questions about your personal and family health history. Your answers to these questio...


    The Breast Center Will Begin Offering Genetic Testing


    Our main goals at The Breast Center are first and foremost to detect breast cancer as early as possible, and secondly, to provide personalized care. To provide this personalized care, we must really get to know our patients. There...

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