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Padmaja Patel, Medical Director

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  • Midland Health Offers New Cardiac Program


    February is American heart Month, and each year we are reminded to focus on our heart health. This year, instead of merely managing our heart disease, let us focus on how to prevent, treat and reverse it. Yes, I am talking about r...

  • Midland Health Offers Health and Wellness Coaches


    Changing our behavior is not easy. Unfortunately, when it comes to changing health behavior, we live with many fallacies that become reasons for discouragement and disappointment, ultimately affecting our self-esteem. Every Januar...

  • Easiest Way to Get Healthier - Get More Sleep


    With the calendar year approaching its end, we are reminded to reflect on the year gone while hoping to improve our future. It’s time to think about New Year’s resolutions. I want to suggest some simple lifestyle changes that you ...

  • Are Keto Diets Safe?


    The popularity of the keto diet is purely from its ability to help lose weight in a relatively short time. Unfortunately, there are some serious and life-threatening consequences of this unnatural way of eating. Studies have shown...

  • Lifestyle Medicine Center offers a New Diabetes Reversal Program


    Padmaja Patel, Medical Director I n my twenty years of clinical practice, I have never been so excited to talk about a new approach in treating chronic and progressive diseases. We were taught in our medical training that type 2 d...

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