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Cervical Disc Degeneration Patient Gets Implant Using Next Generation M6-C Artificial Cervical Disc

Posted On: 5/15/2023

Midland Memorial announced the first implant in Midland, TX, of a patient with the M6-C™ artificial cervical disc. Dr. Alim Ladha, neurological surgeon and new surgery chair, performed the procedure on a patient suffering from cervical disc degeneration yesterday, May 11, 2023. Recently approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the M6-C disc was designed as an innovative option for patients needing artificial disc replacement as an alternative to cervical spinal fusion.

Featuring a shock-absorbing nucleus and fiber annulus that work together to mimic the anatomic structure of a natural disc, the M6-C device is the only artificial cervical disc available in the U.S. that enables compression or “shock absorption” at the implanted level. The disc also provides a controlled range of motion when the spine transitions in its combined complex movements providing physiologic motion.

In recent studies, 93% of patients reported they would have the surgery again, and 92% of patients were satisfied with their M6-C disc surgery. Nine out of ten M6-C patients reported improvement in neck pain compared to alternative procedures, which resulted in 77.9% improvement in pain.

More information about cervical disc degeneration and the M6-C disc can be found at  

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