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Midland Health Authorized to Provide New Treatment

Posted On: 12/2/2020

Midland Health is authorized to provide a new treatment for newly-diagnosed, high-risk COVID-19 patients, Bamlanimivimab. This is an experimental antibody treatment that could help prevent hospitalization in high-risk patients.

 Patients must meet criteria from each of the following areas:

  • Patients must have a positive COVID test less than 72 hours old AND symptoms cannot have been present more than four (4) days (cannot be asymptomatic).
  • Patients must ALSO have one of the following: Obesity (BMI>35), chronic kidney disease, diabetes, immunosuppressive disease or be receiving immunosuppressive treatments.Patients older than 65 qualify if they also have cardiovascular disease, hypertension, or a chronic respiratory disease, such as COPD.
  • This treatment is available to outpatients only; hospitalized patients do not meet criteria. Also, patients who require increased oxygen support since being diagnosed with COVID-19 do not meet criteria.

 The drug is administered by the hospital staff at an off-side infusion center. In order to access treatment, your medical provider must confirm your eligibility. If you believe you meet the criteria, please contact your healthcare provider. If you do not have a healthcare provider, please call 221-DOCS (432-221-3627) or download the BasinMD app to find a provider.

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