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Midland Health Receives First New Omni Legend PET/CT Scanner in the United States

Posted On: 1/23/2023

Midland Health is proud to announce the arrival of the first, all-digital Omni Legend PET/CT scanner, in the United States. This scanner is used to stage and restage a variety of cancers as well as diagnose diseases like Alzheimer’s disease. Omni Legend is the most advanced PET/CT available, and now Diagnostic Imaging Associates (DIA) has one of the first few in the entire world. The highest level of care with superior quality of imaging is available here in the Permian Basin.

The state-of-the-art architecture of Omni Legend provides crystal clear images with the earliest possible disease detection. Early detection can catch disease before it spreads in the body, allowing doctors to begin treatment sooner.

The Omni Legend has an array of new patient comfort amenities not found on any other system to make the scan as relaxing as possible for patients. This includes ambient lighting, a design to alleviate stress and create comfort. Additionally, Omni Legend will provide patients with significantly shorter scan times for a much more comfortable experience. (50 percent faster on average compared to other systems).

Finally, Omni Legend features the latest technologies to reduce radiation exposure to the patient - keeping them as safe as possible during their scan.

Midland Health is excited to debut this latest technology in patient care at DIA. Another way we're leading healthcare for greater Midland.

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