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Surgical Services

Midland Memorial Hospital Pre-Operative Assessment CenterPre-Operative Assessment Center

For your convenience, Midland Memorial Hospital's Surgical Pre-Operative Assessment Center takes the stress out of preparing for elective procedures, by coordinating the entire pre-operative experience for all patients. Prior to your scheduled procedure, your physician's office will schedule an appointment for you to be seen at the Surgical Pre-Operative Assessment Center. During this visit, you will complete the registration process for your upcoming admission and have any lab and diagnostic testing completed. You will also be informed of any pre-operative instructions for your procedure along with what time and where to arrive the day of your procedure. Additionally, during this scheduled visit a registered nurse, along with a member of the anesthesia department will complete a pre-operative assessment, provide education related to your specific procedure and be available to answer any questions.

Prior to the visit, you will receive a white Midland Memorial Hospital folder that includes patient information and health history form as well as other hospital admission specific documents. We know your time is valuable so we ask that you please take the time to complete these forms prior to your scheduled visit. We also request that a list of all medications currently being taken, including over-the-counter and herbal medications, as well as any medications your physician may have asked you to stop prior to the procedure be provided at this appointment. Please provide the name of the medication, strength and how often the medication is taken on the home medication sheet provided.

In order to properly register you for your procedure you will be asked to provide us with your driver's license and insurance cards so that copies can be made. If you have an advanced directive or a durable power of attorney for healthcare, please bring a copy with you to your scheduled appointment so that the information can be placed in your medical record. For those interested, information regarding an advanced directive will be available.

To help facilitate the pre-operative process you may be contacted by several individuals prior to your scheduled procedure, one being our insurance verification department. This individual will discuss and inform you of your financial responsibility following pre-authorization of your insurance. Payment for patient financial responsibility will be collected at the time of your pre-operative visit. For your convenience payments can be made in the form of cash, check or credit card. Please bring your white folder as well as any documents you may have received from your physician's office to all hospital appointments and allow 1-2 hours to complete your pre-operative visit. If you have a young child who is scheduled for an elective procedure you must bring them to the pre-operative appointment.

The Surgical Pre-Operative Assessment Center is located on the 4th floor in the main building of Midland Memorial Hospital. A map with directions has been provided to assist you in locating the unit. Hours of operation are Monday – Friday from 5:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. The staff at the Surgical Pre-Operative Assessment Center can be reached at any time during hours of operation by calling (432) 221-4065.

For same day surgery, prior to surgery:

  • Please do not eat or drink starting midnight the night before the procedure. This includes gum, hard candy, mints, water, ice, etc.
  • If you take heart, blood pressure, asthma, seizure or diabetic medications, a member of our anesthesia department or your physician will advise you whether or not to take them the morning of the procedure. If you are advised to do so, take medication with a small sip of water.
  • You may brush your teeth, but do not swallow the water.
  • If you notice you have a fever, abnormal sounding cough, abnormal colored drainage or are sick feeling, call your physician's office as soon as possible and notify them of your symptoms.
  • Complete any preparations ordered by your physician.
  • Shower with antibacterial soap the night before or the morning of the procedure.
  • No lotions, creams, oils, powders, or gels on your skin.
  • Wear loose, comfortable clothes that you can easily change in and out from.
  • Leave all valuables at home, including medication. Valuables brought into the hospital will be checked-in with hospital security.
  • Arrange for transportation from the hospital, as you will not be allowed to drive yourself following your procedure.
  • All jewelry, piercings and hair accessories will need to be removed.
  • Refrain from using all tobacco products starting at midnight prior to your procedure.
  • Do not wear colored fingernail or toenail polish. Clear and French manicures are permitted.
  • Limit the number of people accompanying you to the hospital.
  • Items you may want to bring for your hospital stay include lightweight robe, warm socks or slippers, personal toiletry items, eyeglasses or contact lens case, a container for hearing aids or dentures.

If your child is having surgery, please feel free to bring their favorite toy or blanket with them the morning of the procedure.

Day of the surgery

Upon arrival to the hospital please you will be escorted to your room and asked to completely undress and change into a hospital gown. A nurse will conduct a physical assessment and complete any treatments ordered by your surgeon. Your family is welcome to wait with you until you go to surgery.

You will be asked to empty your bladder prior to surgery. Your physician may or may not order medication to be given prior to surgery. Surgery is located on the 3rd floor. All family members will be shown to the waiting room once you are taken into the surgical area.


You may be discharged as ordered by your physician or when you have met the following discharge criteria:

Patient is alert and oriented or to pre-procedure orientation

  • Vital signs are stable or back to pre-anesthetic level
  • Tolerating oral fluids if applicable – minimal nausea
  • Dressings are dry or intact with only minimal drainage noted
  • Able to void quantity sufficient if applicable, excluding renal patients, patients who had local anesthesia only or patients discharged with Foley catheters
  • Steady gait with minimal assistance or back to pre-procedure activity level

Post Surgical Unit

Located on the 7th Floor of Midland Memorial Hospital's Scharbauer Tower, the 36 bed post surgical unit specializes in providing care to patients who will be having or who have had surgery. The expert nursing staff members are skilled in providing care for all ages and work closely with physicians to provide compassionate care to patients and their families. The post surgical team consistently treats patients who have undergone many types of surgery.

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